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Vintage room divider is a pinch of days gone in your interior design. It brings a unique, decadent charm. Such a piece of furniture at home will introduce an atmosphere of elegance. They are distinguished by exceptional practicality, being a portable wall in between functional zones in a room. Bimago collection offers modern and antique room divider designs. They are characterized by a certain mood of mystery, visible in its own decoration. Some of them, however, refer to a more oriental design, introducing an aura of Japanese interiors.

Retro room divider

Everyone loves to reminisce those good old days when we were young. And here's where bimago's vintage room divider collection comes in handy. With our vast choice of retro room dividers, you can pick the perfect one that will put a smile on your face whenever you lay your eyes on it. A retro room divider is a great idea not only for vintage interiors. A retro detail can make all the difference between dull and interesting when it comes to interior design. Lightweight and mobile, our vintage dividers can be moved around in the blink of an eye rearranging your entire living space just like that. An antique room divider will be perfect for restaurants, cafes and bars where you can screen two meetings off without completely separating them, leaving that contact between you and your customers. Creating casual spaces wherever you place it, an antique privacy screen is one of the most versatile room dividers out there.

Vintage privacy screen

Thanks to their timeless design vintage privacy screens will let you enjoy these interior accessories time and time again. That pleasant, personal atmosphere can be created in no time at all. Just pop it in place and that's it! In interior design size does matter. Choose from three piece and five-piece dividers to fit your space perfectly and create the amount of additional space needed at the time. The rich variety of available vintage motifs gives you almost unlimited options when it comes to decorating. Antique world maps are amongst the most universal ones out there, suitable for any living quarters office space or restaurant. Take a look at one and you will momentarily wonder off in your mind's eye on an awesome trip around the world. No aeroplanes. No internet. Even phones weren't an obvious utility just a hundred years ago when it took months to cross a continent or ocean. Durable, practical and stylish, the vintage privacy screens from our collection will be an awesome birthday gift thanks to their casual nature.