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Are you done with boring grey walls? Are you looking for an interesting arrangement solution for your interior? It's great! Bimago meets your needs by offering a wide collection of wallpapers. Wooden boards, natural brick, colourful stones, marble, and quilted material are just a few suggestions from the background wallpapers collection that will work perfectly in any interior! Such decoration will be a great background and create a unique atmosphere in any space. See the offer of wallpapers with backgrounds in various colours and change your walls!

Background wallpaper

Are you bored with single-colour walls and want to modernise the interior of your home? Thanks to the wide selection of patterns and colours, you can easily choose a decoration that is best suited to your taste. Wallpaper with various backgrounds will add variety to the décor of your home and bring the desired atmosphere. Bright wallpaper with a marble background is an elegant decoration that will add class to subdued interiors such as a guest bedroom or reading room. Modern furniture in a minimalist style will complement the interior design perfectly, while standing lamps with white shades will give the arrangement coherence.
On the other hand, wallpaper with a dark marble background works well as a decoration for a youth room. The decoration on the wall behind the bed will give the room more dynamism and mystery. Using wallpaper with a colourful background, the children's room and your art studio will become the most pleasant places in the house. Colourful plush toys, wooden paintbrushes and handmade objects will look charming when you place them on the floor against such wallpaper.

Wallpaper with a black background

Black goes with everything! That's why wallpaper with a black background is the perfect solution for any interior. This decoration is ideal for the office or study. Mounted on the wall opposite the door will bring more class and elegance into the room. Wallpaper with a black galaxy-like background will change the design of a youth room, introducing a bit of mystery and giving it a strong character. Contrasting accessories in light colours, such as white cushions or a cream blanket, will create an exciting effect in combination with the decoration on the wall behind the bed. Wallpaper with a black background imitating brick or wood will look phenomenal in a living room with a fireplace. Dark brown furniture in a classic style will create a fantastic effect in combination with a wall decoration.

Wallpaper background

Wallpaper with a black background is undoubtedly one of the most striking proposals you will find in bimago. However, it is worth noting that our collection includes many more patterns. You will see, among others, background wallpapers in shades of white, grey or grey. We also have motifs imitating wood, bricks and stone. We do our utmost to ensure every customer can order the background wallpaper of their dreams, perfectly tailored to their preferences. They can be used in various interiors; the style of the décor does not matter much. All you need is a little imagination to match the background wallpaper to your furniture and accessories perfectly. If you are looking for ideas on quickly refreshing your décor, you are in the right place. Wallpaper with a black background or a different colour is one of the easiest ways to metamorphose your home or office. The results will undoubtedly surprise you.

Non-woven background wallpapers

At bimago, you can choose two types of background wallpaper: self-adhesive and non-woven. Both versions are durable and easy to install, so you don't have to worry about anything. Background wallpapers on fleece require a unique adhesive, but you will undoubtedly manage! Remember that in our shop you can also order other necessary accessories if you need them, for example, a knife for precise cutting of the background wallpaper or paper tape. So we have everything you need to bring a different atmosphere to your interior. The wallpaper with a black background will allow you to break up the monotony. Other designs allow you to do this, so the decision is yours. With our wall decorations, you not only liven up your interior but also optically enlarge it. Moreover, you add a modern touch without going through a significant renovation. At bimago, we have fashionable designs that have become a permanent part of the interior design trends. We keep expanding our assortment, so watch our novelties closely.