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Do you love travelling, and are you looking for something that will convey the beauty of your passion? Maybe you are looking for an idea for a gift for a real globetrotter? We have something special for you! Maps on pinboards are not only well-looking wall decorations but also a perfect medium to plan the next journeys. Photos, postcards and other souvenirs from your travels can be easily pinned to a pinboard - functionality and decoration combined!

Cork Board Art

The collection of cork board art in the bimago gallery features unique designs printed on a cork board. A colourful and decorative cork board will be a wonderful interior decoration for your home or office. Its practical and decorative functions allow you to create an individual character within the space. Decorative cork boards can be used to pin photos, mark visited places on a map, or attach notes. The image is printed on canvas, which allows you to safely use pins without worry. The board has a thickness of 3 mm and is much lighter than traditional wall decorations. In our gallery, you can find cork board maps of the world, tree designs for hanging family photos, and organizers. Such a decoration can be placed in any place in your home or office. In our gallery, you will find cork boards for the kitchen, for children, and designs dedicated to office spaces. A decorative pin board for wall like this will undoubtedly be a unique interior decoration.

World Map Cork Board

The collection of cork board art includes maps of the world, continents, countries, and cities. With a world map printed on a cork board, you can mark your past and planned travels and special and unique places. A large-format cork map is an ideal wall decoration where you can pin photos from your travels, notes, and other souvenirs. This decoration will surely appeal to travel enthusiasts. The material used to make the world map pinboard board is exceptionally durable and flexible, allowing you to mark travels and locations with pins without worrying about damaging the surface. Such a cork board with a world map can be a wonderful and personalized decoration for those who want to mark their past journeys. In addition, a world map on cork has educational value, making it suitable for children's rooms, teenagers' rooms, as well as schools and offices. A pin board for wall for children with a map will allow for the creation of an original decoration in the rooms of the youngest family members.
A world cork map on the wall is an original decoration that allows you to highlight your hobby within your home's interior. We also recommend it as a wonderful gift for both young and adult travel enthusiasts.

Colourful Cork Board

A decorative cork pin board is a stylish and practical wall decoration. In the special collection of Cork Board Art in the bimago gallery, you will find colourful frames for photos, family genealogical trees, organisers, and other interesting designs on which you can pin mementoes, favourite photos, and important notes. There are plenty of ideas on how to use your cork board. A cork board for the kitchen allows you to keep recipes, shopping lists, and significant information in one place. In the bimago gallery, you will find stylish and inspiring cork boards with world maps. On such decorations, you can add photos from your travels as well as important notes. A world map cork board can decorate not only residential interiors but also office spaces. A decorative cork board hung in the hallway will help you keep important information, bills, or mail. You can also hang keys on such a board. A cork board for children with a map or an intriguing motif will be useful in organizing notes. In our gallery, cork boards are available in various dimensions, making them suitable as decorations above a desk.
A colourful cork board can be used as a bulletin board in schools, or offices. The interesting motif will surely attract attention, making it a captivating decoration. Whether you're looking for cork boards for the kitchen, children's rooms, or the office, in the bimago gallery, you can find modern designs for each of these spaces.

Cork Board for Children

A decorative cork board is a combination of practical and modern interior decoration. On the board, you can use pins to attach photos, important notes, and mementoes. It is an essential product for a child's or teenager's room. A cork board for children allows them to pin their class schedules, important notes, souvenirs, and photos. In the bimago gallery, you can find designs dedicated to children, world maps in street art style, or black and white motifs. Such a decorative cork board will not only be a practical addition but also an interesting decoration in the room. In our store, you can choose the size of the pin notice board, which can be hung above the bed or desk. A cork board for children will help organize their daily schedule, decorate the room with souvenirs, and highlight their hobbies in the space. We encourage you to choose modern cork boards with a world map, which can also be a great educational tool for young people.