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Caravaggio was an iconic Italian Baroque painter, known for its characteristic presentation of light and the use of living models. Using the technique of chiaroscuro, the artist painted shadows, developing new forms and emphasizing the importance of color in a given scene. His works are valued for the ability to create realistic characters and reproduce light, color and emotions. Inspired by the Italian champion, bimago offers a collection of replicas of Caravaggia paintings that will perfectly complement your interior design and give it artistic depth.

The life and highlights of Caravaggio's paintings

Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio, who lived from 1571 to 1610, is one of the most famous Baroque painters. In his paintings, he renounced the beauty of the human body, idealized by Renaissance painters. Caravaggio's most famous paintings are "The Conversion of Paul", "Judith beheading Holofernes", "Supper at Emmaus", "The Kiss of Judas" and "Boy with a Basket of Fruit". In order to show realism, Caravaggio introduced sharp chiaroscuro to his works. Thanks to this, his painting gained an unusual style, and his paintings were imitated by subsequent generations of artists called Caravaggionists. He was the founder of Roman Baroque painting, which was characterized by religious and mythological paintings. In the works of Caravaggio we find a combination of the sacred and the profane, which is accentuated with the use of chiaroscuro. Biblical themes, still lifes and genre scenes are among the most common themes in his work.

Supper at Emmaus, David and Goliath and other paintings by Caravaggio on bimago

Caravaggio is valued for interesting and surprising solutions in his artistic work, which are still appreciated by art lovers today. The collection of "Caravaggio" paintings in bimago gallery consists of the most famous paintings by this author, such as "The Supper at Emmaus" or "The Death of the Virgin". If you appreciate the original, baroque style and atmospheric paintings on canvas, then you will surely like this collection. "The Supper at Emmaus" is Caravaggio's first work on this theme. It shows four figures at the table, rendered with extraordinary realism. In turn, "David and Goliath" is a scene from the Old Testament in which David defeats Goliath in battle. The symbolic victory of good over evil is emphasized by the light that illuminates David triumphing over Goliath. Reproductions of works of art will make your room an extremely elegant and stylish decoration that will complement the interior design.

Reproductions of Caravaggio paintings as wall decoration

Caravaggio's paintings mainly depict religious, mythological and still life scenes. Such a theme will perfectly match classic interiors. If we want to achieve an elegant arrangement, we recommend framing one of the reproductions of the painting in a gold-colored frame and hanging it on a navy blue or burgundy wall. We recommend this arrangement for the living room or office. Caravaggio's still life paintings will also be perfect in the dining room or kitchen. If we want to accentuate this decoration in an interesting way, we recommend lighting the image well, thanks to which we will emphasize the chiaroscuro effect. Caravaggio's paintings are classic, baroque paintings that will be perfect for rooms decorated in a vintage style. An original wall decoration will perfectly complement such an arrangement. Reproductions of Caravaggio's works will also look good in a rustic style, which is inspired by natural materials and often in earthy colors. We invite you to see the collection with Caravaggio's paintings and find inspiration for decorating your interior.

Caravaggio paintings and over 4000 reproductions on bimago gallery

Caravaggio is an author whose works fetch huge prices and decorate the walls of the most famous galleries in the world. Fortunately, reproduction prices on bimago shop are really attractive, so everyone can afford such wall decorations. Caravaggio achieved a unique artistic effect and style in his paintings, which we tried to convey in our reproductions. If you value reproductions of baroque paintings, we invite you to take advantage of our offer. In bimago you can find paintings by Rubens, including the most famous works of this artist. The paintings of Gustav Klimt, whose paintings are maintained in the unusual art deco style, are also very popular. If you are looking for a trendy wall decoration, a reproduction of a Caravaggio or other artist's painting will surely fascinate you. We recommend a collection of reproductions on bimago gallery, among which you will find the most famous works by Leonardo da Vinci, El Greco, Vincent van Gogh and many other artists.