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Do you need to step back from reality? Do you wish to start a painting journey, and give yourself entirely to your creativity? The sets for painting by numbers with portraits from bimago are a unique collection of paintings created in such a way that everyone has a chance to put their artistic verve on canvas! The portraits of famous figures - Frida, Joker, Marylin Monroe or Mona Lisa? Now, you can create a picture of your favourite and renowned character with the sets for painting by numbers on canvas. Feel like a real portrait painter with bimago!

Paint by number portrait kits

Human culture is filled with world-famous people right up to the brim. Bimago's painting by numbers portraits collection reflects that wealth of known figures. Not only that, on our website you will also find portraits of anonymous people sketched is such ways that most people will think “from where do I know this?” when they take a glance. Such a portrait will be a great decor idea for commercial spaces giving them a pinch of individuality and style. Hairdresser’s and beauty salons will benefit the most from such wall decorations. Inspire your customers with those timeless legends and surprise them when you let them know that it's YOUR PAINTING! Bars, pubs and clubs are another awesome environment for colour by number portraits from our website. A well-placed portrait can make all the difference and bring life and energy to an evening in a bar or a club party!

Painting by numbers portraits

To say “a great present” would be a gross underestimation. When you know that one of your friends or loved ones is a fan of a particular film star and you gift them with the possibility of easily painting that film star on their own canvas you can rest assured - THEY WILL LOVE IT. It's very easy and with the included instructions nobody can go wrong in creating an awesome painting of their favourite actor, singer or any other celebrity. The canvas is ready to use, pulled over a wooden frame. It has outlines with numbered spaces. You will find corresponding numbers on the colours of paint. Just fill in the right gaps with the right colours. Even the right brushes are included with their size depending on the level of detail of your chosen portrait. Animal portraits take up a noticeable part of our collection. Beloved by kids, they are a brilliant way to give your little one hours of fun and at the same time develop their creativity and manual skills. Not only that, painting by numbers also builds patience in those little minds. And finally, when finished, you give your kid unparalleled satisfaction and the motivation to start new, more complex assignments.