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Animal wallpaper is a type of decor that will allow your children's favourite animals to accompany them every day, whether it's wild tigers, playful llamas or majestic flamingos. Bimago wallpapers with animals are also an excellent solution for decorating a bedroom or a living room in an ethnic style. We especially recommend them, however, as a children's room decor - animal print wallpaper patterns stimulate the imagination of our kids and help to develop their passion for nature. See the collection of animal wallpapers from bimago...

Wildlife Wallpaper

Animals are probably one of the most popular themes for kid’s bedroom decoration and for a reason. A cute nursery jungle wallpaper seems like a perfect choice for the child’s bedroom. Vivid, colorful patterns featuring wild animals and lush foliage of exotic jungle would make the interior charming and cosy. Interesting and beautiful animal print wallpaper with cute animal characters would be loved equally by little children as well as older kids. A baby animal wallpaper would suit perfectly a nursery room creating a pleasing visual experience for a toddler.

Wild Animal Wallpaper

Animal lovers would definitely find among our collection an animal print wallpaper perfect for them. The wild animal or forest animal prints would create an incredible ambiance in the room and give opportunity to admire those awe-inspiring creatures in their natural habitat. The view of animals roaming freely in the landscape of savanna or amidst the lushy foliage of a jungle would transport you into the exotic spaces every time you enter the room. The variety of the wildlife wallpaper can range from a soothing view of birds in the sky and calm underwater life to a dynamic and impressive depiction of running horses or roaring tigers. For a more sophisticated interior that still includes an animal theme there can be found many aesthetic designer animal print wallpapers that make the best of the animal natural beauty and present it through an artistic vision. The catalogue of animal-themed wallpapers includes also the fantasy and 3d animal wallpapers. A majestic unicorn or flying Pegasus would definitely bring a little magic into the interior space, while a 3d lion walking out of the wall would make an unforgettable impression on the guest visiting your house. On the other hand, a geometric animal wallpaper is a great choice for a stylish and minimalist interior that incorporates contemporary design.