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Colourful and positive - thanks to floral canvas art prints, every interior will gain incredible energy. The universal floral motif will suit both the bedroom, living room or corridor - livening it up and giving it a great dominant feature in the room. Bimago floral canvas wall art UK collection includes a variety of paintings with a flower motif, an excellent choice for many rooms. The theme is universal and timeless, which is why it is perfect for decorating walls both in home interiors, and in office or reception.

Flower Wall Art

Every interior deserves to be decorated with one of the most beautiful creations of nature. Flowers can make every space exceptional and breathtaking. They have so many shapes and colours, and there are numerous types of flowers to satisfy everyone's needs. Some of the most beautiful sights of nature are filled with flowers that bloom and please the eye. You can take them home, but real flowers put in vases rarely last longer than a week. How to keep the beauty of nature's marvellous creations for years? The answer is simple. Flower paintings will work as good as real plants in the role of magnificent interior decoration. They can be hung on a wall in every place around the house. The flower wall art will look spectacular in a living room, bedroom, office or even a kitchen. The possibilities to style such a wall decoration are almost endless. You can let your imagination run wild and create a whole garden inside your house. Who said that we can enjoy flowers only for a few months every year? Paintings of flowers that you can find in our bimago collection will prove to you that the beauty of nature can be realistically captured on canvas. Check the whole category, and see how diverse it is, just like all the flowers in nature. Everyone can find a wall decoration that will suit their need or even their character. After all, flowers have many symbols and their different types are associated with different things. If you want your interior to reflect your spirit, a floral painting might help you out.


Abstract Flower Paintings

The motif of flowers is not losing popularity for many years now, and there is a reason for that. Such a theme can be easily matched with any interior design style, even with the most minimalistic ones. The category of flower paintings is so vast, and the possibilities to depict these beautiful plants are so multiple that it's not challenging to match them to any interior design. You can choose flower art in pastel colours that will look great in romantic or Scandinavian interiors. Floral motifs can have invigorating shades that will motivate you and give you the energy to act and keep up with your day. They will cheer you up and invite summer to your house for a whole year. Every flower canvas can put you in a good mood because you cannot stay negative when surrounded by flowers. If you want to introduce such a motif to a more minimalistic or industrial interior, you only need to choose wall art in black and white shades or in a muted colour palette. Abstract flower paintings, in turn, will look magnificent in contemporary interiors, giving it an even more modern vibe. As you can see, this type of wall decoration will look spectacular in any place, not only in a living space. Art filled with flowers is ideal for a spa or a beauty salon, but also for offices and artistic cafés. We put flowers in vases in every space we spend time in, then, why not keep the positive spirit and beautiful decorations for longer and hang them on walls instead?

Flower Canvas

In the bimago store, you will certainly find flower art that will meet all your expectations and demands. No matter if you are searching for a realistic depiction of your favourite flowers to adorn your living room wall or a more abstract representation of a beautiful bouquet, you will find it in our store. Check the whole collection of floral wall art and pick a decoration in a horizontal or vertical orientation that will suit your spacious house or small but comfortable flat. The majority of our decorations are available as canvas prints or Premium canvas prints. Some of them are also sold as decorative acoustic panels or handpainted floral wall art. Pick a decoration that will delight your friends and family and always keep you calm and positive. You can decide on a one-piece canvas or choose a multipart decoration that will work best in large spaces. You will not need any other accessory to complement the decor of your living room, bedroom, or office, as flower wall art will catch all the attention.

Paintings of flowers on canvas

You certainly already know that a flowers painting, just like any other from the available bimago collections, can be made using various techniques. You can adjust it to your preferences in this respect. Eagerly purchased are, among others: flower paintings on canvas. These are beautiful decorations, delighting with their refined details and intense colors. Like other wall paintings, flowers are well protected against UV rays to prevent them from fading. The products ordered in our store are of very good quality, so you don't have to worry about anything. The flowers canvas print is not the only version you can order at bimago. If you complain about noise in a selected room, choose acoustic decorations that will mute unwanted sounds. You can also choose to print in the premium version. Remember that we care about the safety of you and your loved ones. Flower paintings on canvas and other variants are made using odorless toners. This makes them a good choice even for a child's room.

Large paintings of flowers

Flower paintings are characterized not only by a variety of forms and styles, but also by available sizes. In the bimago store you will find both large paintings with flowers and canvases in smaller sizes. The arrangement possibilities of large paintings with flowers are enormous. They fit the living room, will perfectly decorate the bedroom wall, and will also look great in the hall or corridor. Floral paintings are a popular topic, extremely elegant and at the same time very sophisticated. A large painting of flowers in a modern style will be a wall decoration that will add flair and color to the interior of the apartment. If you are looking for larger decorations, you can find vertical flowers paintings in size 70x105 in our store. Such a painting will certainly stand out in the room arrangement. To decorate larger rooms, we recommend flower paintings as a multi-part print and triptychs with flowers.