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The right tablecloth is the foundation of an elegant table set! And although the classic in the form of a snow-white, spotless tablecloth still delights with its timeless minimalism, we prefer to enliven the dining room arrangement by choosing more daring designs, e.g. inspired by botanical or geometric motifs. Decorative tablecloths from the bimago collection are a great way to brighten the interior of a dining room or kitchenette - and a perfect decoration for more festive arrangements. See for yourself how a tablecloth can transform your interior!


Have tablecloths always seemed like unnecessary pieces of equipment to you? It's high time to change that perception! Discover a tablecloth for your table that is a real feather in your cap. With it, you'll protect the surface from damage and can also conceal minor scratches or other signs of wear and tear on the furniture. Additionally, a tablecloth makes the table look much better, and the entire interior feels cosier. That's why it's a must-have, especially for family celebrations and gatherings with friends. However, a tablecloth is also perfect for everyday use. By using it, you can enliven the decor of your living room and introduce more positive energy into it. In bimago's offer, every product is a stain-resistant tablecloth that is exceptionally easy to clean. You won't complain about it getting dirty quickly and requiring frequent washing, even in the case of white table cloth.

Stain-Resistant Tablecloth

The fact that tablecloths from the bimago collection are stain-resistant is just one of their many advantages. They are also available in various interesting colours and patterns. We offer modern tablecloths for the living room, but we are confident that even those who love classic styles will find something for themselves. You have no reason to worry – you can purchase a suitable model that matches your decor. We are convinced that you will find more than one stylish tablecloth that you will love! Notice that you have the freedom to choose the size, so you can buy something for both smaller and larger tables. A floral tablecloth, black table cloth or any other pattern can have a length ranging from 100 to 300 cm, with a width of 140 cm. It will successfully serve as a decorative piece for a long time. Discover which tablecloth steals your heart. The bimago assortment is wide, and new products appear regularly, so you won't miss out on anything! You can also be sure that our table napkins and waterproof tablecloth will remain fashionable for a long time.

Table Napkins

A table is one of the most important elements of every home. It is where both family life and social gatherings usually take place. Shared meals and long conversations contribute to strengthening bonds. In addition to selecting the right furniture, which should be tailored to the size of the room and the individual needs of the household members, the table's arrangement is also essential. We are talking here about textiles such as tablecloths and table napkins, which enhance the beauty of the furniture.
In bimago's offer, you can find tablecloths made from high-quality materials, which have a tremendous impact on the final look of the arrangement. The wide selection of patterns allows for matching the textiles to both modern and classic interiors. Modern tablecloths with botanical motifs are exceptionally eye-catching, and a green tablecloth can liven up the space while highlighting an urban jungle-style arrangement. For enthusiasts of timeless and elegant solutions, we recommend a white table cloth with a minimalist pattern and decorative accents, which will serve as an excellent foundation for table decor.

Floral Tablecloth

A significant part of bimago's offer consists of products such as stain-resistant tablecloths with floral motifs or a gold table cloth. They are timeless and versatile, looking great in almost any interior. A floral tablecloth electrifies and enlivens the space. It works perfectly in modern arrangements that feature vibrant and cheerful colours. It is also ideal as an outdoor tablecloth.
For those who prefer a more subdued colour palette, we recommend an elegant floral composition featuring peonies and water lilies or a blue table cloth. It combines classic white and black with a touch of colour. Particularly striking, especially in art deco and glamorous interiors, would be a deep black table cloth, which creates a perfect backdrop for the creamy-brown floral motif.
Monochromatic textiles are also an interesting proposition, featuring a single colour palette. Minimalistic patterns create a subtle yet incredibly charming effect, an example might be a grey tablecloth. Stain-resistant tablecloths – we invite you to explore the offer.