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Handmade paintings

Each handmade painting is created for every individual order where it will be shipped and ready to hang. Selected pattern will be mapped for you by an experienced painter. Canvas will be stretched on the solid pine loom, the sides of the painting will be painted as well. Our paintings are made on Italian canvas of natural cotton with acrylic paints, which has a high resistance against cracking and fading. However, you can further protect the colors, using a covering varnish, which is available as an accessory for the paintings.

  • Uniqueness certified by the signature of the author
  • Fully handmade
  • The highest quality materials

Canvas prints

Canvas print is an interesting alternative to the traditional paintings. If you appreciate photographic reproduction of details, this technique is your choice. We prepare prints on the best canvas with 100% cotton, using Swiss printers with a resolution up to 360dpi. After receiving a canvas print from the courier, you will be able to hang it immediately – the canvas is already stretched on high quality loom and the edges always nicely finished.

  • Modern character
  • Fast delivery
  • A perfect reproduction of the pattern

Premium Canvas Print®

When a regular canvas print is not enough and you would like to have more than a perfect resolution - the natural texture of a handmade painting. Then you should consider Premium Canvas Print. This technology involves Spanish acrylic gel imitating brush marks that is manually applied on the canvas print. As a result of its application the canvas obtains a texture of a handmade painting and gains depth to even more resemble an oil painting. The acrylic gel imposed on the canvas print also has an another advantage: it protects the canvas. Pigment intensity lasts longer, thanks to a protection from moisture and UV radiation.

  • Technology available only on Bimago
  • Combines printing precision with a painting artistry
  • Deepening and securing colors


Wallpapers are a safe decoration suitable even for children's room or bedroom. We recommend them also for busiest places (receptions, entrance halls), as non woven wallpapers with basis weight 120g / m2 it also helps isolating the interior.

  • Excellent interior refresh
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Printed on the best material
wallpapers: paper non-woven vinylic
waterproof material
air permeability
no stretch
masking minor wall imperfections
installation: 40 min
rapid removal