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Is there a globetrotter's soul inside you, and do you dream of faraway journeys? Are you fascinated by exotic countries, distant lands and the cultural variety of the world? Our collection of world maps will be a great option that should suit your taste! The sets for painting by numbers with world maps to paint by yourself on a canvas from bimago will let you create a colourful mosaic of continents. Such a painting can also be unique decoration for your interiors. Discover our collection of sets for painting by numbers with world maps. With bimago, the world is at your fingertips!

Map of the world paint by numbers

Do you like exploring new places on the map? Do you get excited every time you hear about some wild and undiscovered islands on the other side of the ocean? If you answered ""yes"" at least once, you definitely wouldn’t mind hanging a world map on the wall, especially if the map was created by yourself! But how? Well, that is now possible thanks to our paint by numbers world map! With our kit, you will have a chance to draw the frontiers of the most far-flung corners of the globe, draw the contours of the highest mountain ranges, mark the depths of the oceans, and more!

A map paint by numbers guarantees that your afternoons will be full of enjoyment. After all, you will have a chance to combine two wonderfully relaxing activities: discovering new places and painting. That is an excellent way of spending your free time in a calming and yet exciting way. But first, you need to choose the one picture that suits your taste. In our collection, you will world map paints by numbers in several different styles. There are mixed-coloured pictures, vintage paint by numbers map as well as pieces with one representative colour. As for paintbrushes and paints, don’t you worry! We have already thought about that. In each kit with our paint by numbers map, you will find all the necessary tools and precise step-by-step instructions. Once you have finished filling the elements, you may hang your artwork in your living room, bedroom, sitting room or even a kitchen. Our paints by numbers maps are also perfect for modern offices and travel agencies. And if your close friend or a family member enjoys exploring new places, giving them one of our world map paints by numbers as a present would be an excellent idea!