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Wall murals are a great way to create an eye-catching decoration that will bring a whole new atmosphere to your room, while also allowing you to hide minor irregularities and imperfections of your walls. Each design is available in several sizes, so you can easily match the format to your wall dimensions. You can also decide whether you prefer a traditional non-woven wall mural or a self-adhesive one. Choose from many types of wall murals paper. Find an idea for wall decoration with bimago shop.

FAQ - wall mural ideas

1. How to choose a wall mural?
When choosing a wall mural, you should be guided not only by your own preferences. The product should also be adapted to the type of room and its conditions. For example, when ordering a bathroom decoration, it is best to choose a waterproof wall mural, which will be an alternative to a self-adhesive bathroom wall mural.
Moreover, it is worth making sure that the wall murals on the wall match well with the other elements of the interior design. Thanks to this, you will achieve a coherent, harmonious space.

2. What are the most fashionable wall mural designs?
The most frequently chosen wall mural motifs are invariably floral patterns. Custom-made wall murals inspired by nature bring freshness to interiors and create a relaxing atmosphere. Another fashionable solution is a self-adhesive or non-woven wall mural with an abstract motif or geometric composition, thanks to which you can give the room an original character and emphasize the modern style of arrangement. Large wall murals that imitate natural materials such as stone or brick are very popular. Using such a wall mural on a wall in interiors is an attractive alternative to more time-consuming and expensive arrangements based on real materials. These are just some of the currently popular wall mural motifs.

3. Can a wall mural enlarge the interior?
Wall murals not only have decorative value, but can also make a small room seem visually larger. If you want such an effect, it is best to use 3D wall murals, thanks to which you will achieve the effect of depth and three-dimensionality. A landscape wall mural can also be a way to create the impression of a larger space.

Peel and stick wall murals

Also new in our store are self-adhesive wall murals that you just need to stick on the wall. This simplification will allow you to decorate places that are problematic and difficult to access. High rooms, slopes, attics, around windows and furniture - self-adhesive wall mural will be perfect in such spaces. Before sticking, it is worth measuring and cutting out the appropriate fragment of the wall mural, and then just stick and level the surface. Each wall mural from our store can be ordered in a self-adhesive and traditional version. High quality HD printing and ease of installation will make such a decoration a successful purchase. We invite you to see the collection of cheap wall murals in several available sizes. Peel and stick wall murals are not only easier to install and the possibility of movements and corrections, but also easy to dismantle and replace with a different pattern. You can change your interior quickly and independently! If you are looking for wall murals tailored to your needs, you will certainly find wall mural ideas in the bimago store. Our offer includes a selection of custom-made wall murals that you can match to your interior. When ordering a wall mural, we recommend choosing a set of accessories, so that after receiving the parcel you will be able to immediately start transforming your interior.

Mural Wallpaper

Wall murals are definitely back in fashion and the must-have - from the woods for the bedroom to the dandelion for the kitchen. At bimago you can learn everything about choosing and applying a photo wallpaper. Unlike the usual wall decoration in a picture frame, the photo wall mural comes on several sheets directly on the wall. White walls again more often give way to modern creations with wall murals. This may also be due to the fact that a photo wallpaper can give a room a new look quickly and relatively inexpensively. Within a few hours, the sheets of photo wallpaper are on the wall and the apartment gets a fresh character. Give any room of your choice in your home or office with one of our great photo wallpapers for a new touch. Our bimago mural wallpaper offer is always a great idea when redecorating ! If you are worried that such a mural could be too expensive, then just visit bimago and discover our wall murals cheap Collection. They are also very easy to put on your wall, as our wall murals are self-adhesive.

Photo Wall

A patterned wall murals for the entrance hall, a textured wall murals for the living room, or a colorful motif for the children's room. With photo wallpapers from bimago they can transform any room. A photo wall like this is the easiest way to transform any space within a few minutes and make a great impression on friends and family. In our wall photo offer, everyone will find their match. Colorful, black and white, animal print or jungle vibe, we have them all. Visit our store today and discover our whole mural wallpaper offer. Wall murals ideas are totally back in trend and a must-have in your home or office space! Bring new life to the room of your choice and enjoy being in that pace again with a new feeling. Place your order and in a few days you can beautify your walls with this unique wall decoration. It is an extremely fashionable accessory that surely everyone will want to have in their home. Just pick the perfect set that will fit your interior design, order, and in a few days’ time you will enjoy bedecking your walls with bimago's canvas prints and see your personal space transform in three minutes or less. Check out all our wall murals ideas.