Dreaming of an astonishing wall mural but dreading the mess of wallpapering? We have a quick and easy solution! Opt for self-adhesive wall murals with peel & stick installation and forget about mixing glue in a bucket or trembling hands while spreading glue on the wall. The self-adhesive wall mural from bimago is extremely convenient and functional during installation!

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The self-adhesive wall mural is applied on a given surface like a sticker. It can be used not only on the wall of your living room, dining room, bedroom or children's room, but also to decorate stairs, furniture fronts, the backer board of a bookcase, the ring binders or boxes! An easy installation of the self-adhesive wall mural will allow you to decorate various furnishing accessories in a simple and fast way.


Self-adhesive wall mural will be your best ally, if you want to refresh your old and out-of-date furniture! Why replace these furnishings with new ones when they are still sturdy and functional? Just opt for a self-adhesive wall mural from bimago! You can easily stick it on the fronts of your favourite chest of drawers or closet doors and completely restyle your interior. Landscapes, abstract motifs, animals, plants, unicorns, forest in the mist.... it's up to you to choose a beautiful design that suits your preferences!

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What are self-adhesive wall murals?

Self-adhesive wall murals from bimago are convenient and functional decorations, printed on a special material with an additional self-adhesive coating, which allows you to wallpaper easily and quickly without using glue! By choosing a self-adhesive wall mural, you don't have to worry about spills, overflow, and misplaced applications of glue or causing any damage to the wall. Self-adhesive wall murals from bimago are very easy to install and can be used on a variety of surfaces. In addition, our self-adhesive wall murals stand out for their resistance to various types of surface mechanical damage, such as scratches or abrasion. They are also easy to clean, which makes any product from our collection suitable for all types of interiors. The bimago self-adhesive wall murals are available in a wide range of designs, styles and colours! Abstract patterns, landscapes, plants, animals and much more.... The ease of installation of a self-adhesive wall mural is not the only advantage. It is also extremely easy to remove, in case you feel like refreshing the look of your wall with a new design. All you need to do is gently peel the self-adhesive wall murals off starting in the corner. It's that simple! So you can change the decoration of your home very easily and as often as you wish. Keep in mind that by adding just one element to your interior design, you will be able to invigorate the look of your space without effort and spending a fortune. Our trendy self-adhesive wall murals collection awaits you!

What are the advantages of self-adhesive wall murals?

Self-adhesive wall murals are incredibly easy and comfortable to install when wallpapering and what is more: they are as fast to stick to any surface as to peel off when you are keen on switching up your interior decor! A self-adhesive wall mural provides each user with extraordinary personalisation, versatility, durability and resistance to cleaning and scratching. Our self-adhesive wall murals will adhere perfectly to any surface without the need for glue at all, making them much easier to install. Simply remove the protective coat and place your self-adhesive wall mural on the wall or any other surface of your choice! As with installing, you can remove a self-adhesive wall mural effortlessly without damaging the surface on which it was previously applied. All you need to do is gently peel your self-adhesive wall mural off, and we guarantee that it won't leave behind unsightly stains. The self-adhesive wall murals have an anti-scratch coating, so these products are easy to clean, and their look remain unchanged for years to come. They allow you to quickly personalise your interior, making them a versatile solution for any décor! Self-adhesive wall murals will easily boost up the look of any space or allow you to restyle your furnishings or home accessories.