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Would you like to create a rural idyll in your rooms? Original textiles in a rustic style can help you! Whether it's cushions, tablecloths, table runners or curtains with wood motifs, sunflowers, delicate branches or decorative ornaments, our rustic textiles are perfect for the living room, bedroom or kitchen. Our rustic textiles are perfect for the living room, bedroom, hallway and kitchen. We guarantee that with our textiles, you will enjoy a fresh interior that allows you to relax and feel closer to nature!

Rustic curtains

The rustic style is ideal for those who appreciate naturalness and want to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in their home. With increasingly hectic lives, we all need our homes to work as our relaxing oases. One of the best ways to create an idyllic atmosphere in the interior consists in hanging the rustic curtains, in earthy tones and with patterns inspired by folk art. It is important that the colours of the textile accessories are subdued, natural and refer to floral, animal or folk motifs. Our country style curtains will fit perfectly into the rural atmosphere. Rustic curtains are a perfect addition to the decor of your kitchen. Their use allows you to create a warm and homely ambience that invites to spend a pleasant time while cooking or having dinners with your loved ones. Our country style curtains are available in a variety of sizes to suit individual needs and window dimensions. Rustic curtains in light grey tones are also a great choice for Scandinavian interiors.

Rustic table runner

Rustic tablecloths will wonderfully enhance the atmosphere of a country-style dining room or kitchen. A rustic design pertains to natural and casual decorations, exposed stone or wood, enriched by lots of green. It definitely radiates a calming and welcoming vibe. A rustic table runner will create a harmonious and coherent composition with the rustic curtains in the windows or even rustic cushions on your sofa. Our rustic tablecloths are made with attention to detail, clearly hemmed, and one more advantage we can't forget: they are also crease-resistant. However, the safety of the material is also crucial, due to its contact with tableware and food. Rustic tablecloths from bimago, as well as the country style curtains and all other textiles, have been thoroughly tested and don’t contain harmful chemicals or dyes. Our decorations in rustic style are a charming way to dress your home from top to bottom.

Rustic cushions

Rustic cushions by bimago feature muted, natural colours such as beige, yellow, brown, blue and grey. In our collection you will find mainly folk and floral motifs as well as the wood effect country style cushion covers. These colours and prints fit perfectly into the rural atmosphere, as they evoke the rustic and create a very cosy ambience. Depending on your needs and preferences, we offer rustic cushions in velour or microfibre. Velour is a luxurious material that is durable and has a velvety surface, so it will be perfect to boost up the look of your sofa in the living room. On the other hand, country style cushion covers in microfibre are very practical, as it is a soft and quick-drying material, easy to keep clean, which is why we recommend it for the dining room or even kitchen. For consistency of your interior decoration, choose rustic curtains that are corresponding in design or colour. They will make for simple but alluring window enhancement, which you can finish with rustic garlands for a more picturesque touch.