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What can a good prompter accomplish in collaboration with a new model of artificial intelligence? We test the technology of the future and present the first collection composed entirely of images generated by artificial intelligence!

We started with a very human subject: animals! This is a new breed raised by artificial intelligence, unique and exclusive, created ONLY for bimago by a true master of AI: Tomasz Graszewicz.

The world moves on, but one thing remains constant: our pets are a reflection of ourselves.

Which one suits you?


AI generated art - decorations of tomorrow

Everyone is talking about the development of artificial intelligence! How will this technology affect our reality? We at bimago decided to put it to the test! AI art prints and ai generated posters from the 'AI PETS' collection are images developed by artificial intelligence. However, graphic generators do not create them on their own, they need precise instructions from a prompter who knows what effect they intend to achieve. Our goal was to highlight our love for animals and show how similar we are! In our cheerful and light-hearted AI collection you will find canvas prints with cats and posters with dogs - the best examples of how AI generated art can show their human features!

AI art prints and ai generated posters - a creative face of technology

Are you passionate about animals? Do you like art prints with dogs of different breeds or posters of cats? Or are you simply looking for fun decorations for a contemporary interior? Take a look at our ai generated art! The transformation of our vision into images created by artificial intelligence has resulted in a colourful and expressive collection. The work of algorithms has allowed us to show that we attribute human characteristics to our beloved pets. New technology? A revolution in image generation? Certainly! But this will not replace the natural bond that unites us to the world! AI generated posters or ai art prints, paradoxically, can express your true love for animals!