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Wallpapers are back in fashion! Do you feel that your interior needs a vein of refreshment? Do you want your room to reflect your passions and accent your style, but you don’t know where to begin? Wall murals are a perfect solution to create a unique atmosphere in your room in one evening. In bimago, you’ll undoubtedly find something for yourself - wallpapers in Scandinavian, Provencal, industrial, glamour, shabby chic or timeless vintage, retro or boho style are just some of the proposals of solutions from our collection.

Wallpaper for your room - decorate your room with a fantastic wall decoration

Wallpaper works well as a decoration for rooms. The original design, practical features and ease of installation make these decorations one of the most popular interior design elements. Wallpapers for rooms in the bimago shop include more than 500 patterns with the most fashionable motifs. We have created collections of these decorations for individual rooms to make a choice easier. Wallpapers for rooms such as the living room, bedroom, dining room or office will inspire you to change your interior. Among the decorations for individual rooms, you will find wallpapers in various styles: modern, avant-garde patterns and motifs inspired by classic designs from the 60s and 70s. In our shop, you will find wallpapers on interlining, a material characterised by flexibility and durability. As a result, this decoration can be installed in rooms such as the hallway, dining room or children's room. Rooms with slants and difficult-to-install areas can be decorated with self-adhesive room wallpaper, making applying easier. Take a look at the wide range of wallpapers in the bimago shop.

The diverse offer of wallpapers for a room

In the bimago gallery, you can find decorations for various rooms, both home interiors and public premises. The vast selection means you can choose dedicated wallpapers for multiple rooms in different styles. Here is a short list of the decorations that you're going to find in our gallery:
Room wallpapers in geometric patterns such as stripes, dots or rhombuses will create an elegant arrangement in any room. Fans of subdued colours and more daring colour combinations can find original wall decorations in our shop. You can find dedicated wallpapers for a boho, vintage or oriental style in the Ornament collection. Patterns inspired by colourful mosaics will surely appeal to fans of colourful interior design. The floral and plant motifs on the Ornamental collection are elegant designs that will enchant you with their colours. If you are missing a breath of fresh air in your interior design, choosing a botanical wallpaper inspired by nature is worth picking. Wallpaper with animals is a designer decoration which can successfully decorate any room. Cats, fish, llamas or butterflies in unique patterns will give your interior a great look. Wallpapers for the space inspired by animals will surely appeal to small and big nature lovers. The bimago shop has no shortage of fantastic wallpapers for a room imitating bricks, planks or marble. Such decoration will enable us to create an original arrangement in the industrial, modern or glamorous style.

Room wallpaper

Arranging any room in the house is usually quite a challenge. It comes with many decisions - picking everything from furniture to accessories. However, the main element is always the walls and their finishing. Consider a more daring wallpaper for larger, spacious rooms. Wallpaper small room with more subdued colours or check the collection of 3D wall decorations. Wallpaper has been one of the most popular choices for many years now. Nowadays, you can find this type of decoration in almost any colour and motif. No matter what style you prefer or what effect you want to create. Wallpaper for your room will allow you to achieve the desired result at a low cost. This is precisely one of the essential features of this type of decoration. Wallpaper for a small room is often a more convenient and cheaper substitute for other materials and usually works better than classic paint. In bimago's offer, you will find all the latest trends and more traditional solutions, as evidenced by wallpapers in the collection.

Wallpaper for your room

When choosing the suitable wallpaper for your room, many factors will undoubtedly guide you. Your style and taste matter - but remember to consider the durability, attention to detail in the manufacturing process and ease of instalment. You can rest assured that bimago products meet all these criteria. We know that the wallpaper is a central decor and make every effort to ensure that the products offered in our shop will last for many years. Each motif that appeals to you is printed on a durable material with attention to detail, which is especially important when the design imitates stone or wood. Wallpaper in room is an extensive collection of high-quality wall decorations. You will find decorations for all interiors among them. Our wallpaper room ideas will help you decorate your home from the hallway to the office.