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Wall murals are exceptional decorations that might diametrically change the interior's character and highlight its uniqueness! The wide choice of wall murals gives almost endless possibilities for design, which makes these decorations perfect for just about any interior. Wall murals for a room from the bimago collection will let you and your close ones choose your favourite flora motif, forest, dandelions, fantasy, vintage, retro, glamour, industrial, 3D or abstraction and give your flat a one-of-a-kind character!

Murals for a room

Need help with how to decorate your room? Wall murals are an excellent method to introduce an exciting colour accent to a room. If you are planning to change the interior of your home or office, we recommend looking at our bimago shop. We have prepared wall murals dedicated to various rooms. On our website, you will find tips on what colour wall murals to choose in the living room or what decoration will work in a small space. Decorations in boho, modern, vintage or glamour styles - you will find wall murals for rooms in various types here. Remember that each wall mural is available in different sizes and self-adhesive versions. In our shop, we offer fleece wall murals, a synthetic non-woven material characterised by its durability and flexibility. As a result, we can quickly adapt it to our room. There are quite a few ways to arrange a room with wall murals. You can place it on the part of a wall in the form of a picture, or you can accentuate the functional division of a room with a large-scale decoration. A wall mural in a room can also be a decoration for furniture. On the fronts of cupboards or wardrobes, such a decoration will certainly look phenomenal. The self-adhesive photo wallpaper can be easily mounted, making it ideal for decorating smaller areas and furniture. The decorative pattern is sure to transform the interior of any room. You can look at our room wallpaper suggestions, where you will find lots of tips and cosmetic advice for a striking interior makeover.

A fashionable wall mural for a room

A fashionable wall mural for a room from bimago will allow you to refresh any arrangement. You will do what is essential without the need to carry out a general renovation, which takes a lot of time and is often a considerable expense. Interior metamorphosis has never been easier! Just think about which room mural you like the most. Note that there are many designs in the collection. There's something for lovers of landscapes, floral and animal motifs, and abstractions or urban atmospheres. You don't have to worry about complex installation. Our fleece wall murals for rooms and self-adhesive murals can be easily mounted, even if you are inexperienced.

Fleece wall murals for the room

As already mentioned, in the bimago shop, you can order fleece wall murals and self-adhesive ones. You make a choice yourself; we will adapt to your needs. Everything is done to ensure that the room wall murals you receive meet all your expectations. You will be positively surprised by how good our products are. They are full HD and UV-safe prints made using odourless toners. Every proposal in this category will work well as a wall mural for your child's room. We have thought of every important detail. We've also taken great care to ensure that your new decoration looks great on the wall for a long time. The room murals are resistant to fading from exposure to the sun and mechanical damage. You can be sure that you will retain significant effects for a long time after your interior makeover. It doesn't matter what colour scheme you want to maintain; you can buy a mural in pastel and intense shades with us. If you have any doubts about whether this is the right solution, check out our inspirations.