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PaintingsCreated for you by our artists

100% hand-painted original artwork

Authentic art in your home

Stand out from the masses - instead of mass-produced decoration, go for real art with a contemporary touch! Hand-painted canvas paintings from bimago are a unique union of artistic originality and modernity. You can order our most trendy designs in the form of hand-painted artwork by actual painters.

Painted pictures

Top quality at a reasonable priceWooden loom, Italian canvas and high-end Spanish paints

When you buy a hand-painted painting at bimago, you can be sure that you are choosing a product of exceptional quality. The loom, i.e. the wooden frame on which the canvas of the painting is stretched, is made of solid pine wood. Thanks to it, the canvas painting you receive is ready to hang and does not require additional framing. In the creative process, we use only Italian cotton canvas and certified Spanish acrylic paints, guaranteeing the intensity and durability of the colours - so that you can enjoy the exceptional beauty of the hand-painted artwork for years to come.

Outstanding artists from all over EuropeEach painting created by the hand of an artist is unique!

Hand-painted paintings are created by European artists cooperating with bimago. Creating a hand-painted artwork takes slightly longer than a machine-printed reproduction - but the final result is worth it! Each painting is unique, with distinctive paint textures and brush marks. For an even more personal touch, be sure to order a dedication to make the painting a memorable gift that will stay in the recipient's memory for a long time. The inscription is available as an accessory for each hand-painted artwork.