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It is easier to imagine a toddler's room with children's textiles. You can beautify the room with curtains and cushions made from tactile materials, filling it with positive emotions. Original textiles will create a safe space for both children and parents to feel comfortable. Check out our collection of textiles and make your child's little world more colourful! Among our suggestions, you will find designs for boys and girls inspired by dinosaurs and fairy tale characters.

Curtains for children's rooms

A safe asylum, a place to rest, play and study - this is what a child's room is associated with. It must be arranged appropriately for the room to fulfil all these functions. One element that should be considered when decorating the room is the window design. High-quality curtains for the children's room are indispensable to provide protection from the sun and enhance the interior. In our collection, you can find blackout curtains that will completely obscure the light in the room, allowing your little one to sleep soundly. Curtains for children's rooms are textiles with motifs that will win the hearts of little ones. Combining children's curtains with cushions with a similar motif or other materials in matching colours is advisable to create a coherent interior. In our collection, you will find curtains for a girl's room and curtains for a boy's.
When choosing curtains for your child's room, think carefully about the colour scheme. Light tonal curtains such as white or milky grey will work well in Scandinavian settings.

Curtains for a girl's room

In a girl's room, you can use curtains with flowers, princesses, and unicorns, kept in shades of pink and other subtle and cheerful hues. Such curtains for a girl's room will create a magical atmosphere and stimulate the imagination. If your child is big enough to express a preference, it is worth considering their taste when choosing curtains. We are confident that you will find a design among our suggestions that will please your little one and match the other room design elements.
Our curtains are made from high-quality materials, guaranteeing durability and strength.

Cushions for the children's room

The cushions in the children's room are irreplaceable. They can be used both for support and as a cuddly toy to help your little one fall asleep. The ways to use cushions for a child's room are indeed plentiful. It all depends on your ingenuity. Pillows can be placed in a child's cot, armchair, or window sill. Original cushions for your child's room will allow you to create an unusual atmosphere. They will enable you to make the interior more secure and cosy easily. In bimago, you will find cushions with various motifs. These can be animals - both savannah animals and fauna of tropical forests, as well as motifs with animals inspired by cartoons. Young children should like the sky motifs with clouds and stars. Alternatively, floral patterns - such as neon-coloured palm trees - and the trusty stripes may be suitable. Pillows for the children's room can be an idea for an original gift for your little one, for birthdays or Christmas. You will find decorative cushions for boys' and girls' rooms.

Curtains for a boy's room

In a boy's room, curtains with toy cars or football-inspired motifs, robots, and space travel-inspired patterns, will work perfectly. Such curtains for a boy's room will allow you to accentuate your interests through the room's design. More universal motifs, such as geometric compositions, can also be used. Curtains in bimago are available in different sizes, so you can quickly adapt the product to a particular room. Please look at our textiles collection for the children's room!