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Textiles with flowers can be an idea for a spring décor for your home, office or catering establishment. At bimago, there are original cushions, tablecloths and curtains with a motif of romantic roses, peonies or more exotic flowers. These textiles can be successfully used in virtually any room. Our products are durable, so you can be sure they will last long. With our floral textiles, you will see how little it takes to make your rooms 'bloom'!

Floral tablecloth

Family gatherings require the creation of a pleasant atmosphere. One way to enhance the time spent talking and eating together is to use unconventional tablecloths with nature-inspired motifs. A floral tablecloth is an excellent choice. Such an accessory combines a practical and aesthetic function: it will protect the table from dirt and damage and become an attractive decoration that will make your room stand out. The floral tablecloth can be used in the dining room, living room or kitchen. In minimalist arrangements, a floral tablecloth in intense colours will liven up a colourfully subdued space. Our tablecloths are made from high-quality materials, guaranteeing durability and strength. In addition, the products are available in various sizes - from 140 cm x 100 cm to 140 x 300 cm.

Flower cushions

Do you want to prepare your home for spring? Or are you thinking of an arrangement that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature all year round? Opt for flower cushions from the bimago collection! Such textiles can be used in the living room or bedroom and on the balcony or terrace. An interesting effect can be achieved by juxtaposing them with live plants. The motifs appearing on the floral cushions are very diverse. We offer subtle, minimalist compositions in black and white and cheerful, energetic bouquets that will make you feel like you're in a spring meadow. In addition to cushions, we also offer floral pillowcases or textiles with leaves motif. These types of acquisitions will refresh any arrangement. The suitable floral pillowcase will make you enjoy your spring interior. Among the floral pillowcases and cushions, you will find a design that suits your preferences and matches a particular room.

Curtains in roses

Curtains in roses are a way to give your living room or bedroom a pleasant, romantic décor. They are also a good solution for a little girl's or teenager's room. Curtains in roses will undoubtedly fill the space with freshness and naturalness and make the rooms more original. In our collection, you will find, among other things, curtains with a composition of roses in the cottage-core style, referring to the idea of returning to nature and slowing the pace of life. We also offer curtains with patterns inspired by other species of flowers: you can bet on compositions with magnolias or more exotic plants. The ready-made floral curtains will work exceptionally well in vintage and rustic-style rooms. We also recommend them for interiors where flora is the central theme. They will look great against plain, solid-coloured walls.

Floral runner

Flower lovers may also reach for runners. This type of accessory combines originality and timelessness. Treads offer a variety of design possibilities: they can be used on their own or combined with a tablecloth. They can be used on their own or combined with a tablecloth to create a pleasant atmosphere for meals with the family, as well as for special occasions such as important family celebrations. The floral table runner can be placed on a table in a dining room, coffee table or bench. Among the floral runners, you will find, for example, a rainforest floral motif, graceful spring bouquets in shades of green, purple and pink, and compositions with elegant accents in more subdued colours. These are just some of the possibilities. Runners, like other products in bimago, are available in various sizes. Please have a look at our collection of floral-inspired textiles!