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The style of your flat begins in your hall! Al elegant wall mural for a hallway is a great idea for the modern decoration of this space often ignored when decorating the interiors. It's good to visually enlarge small hallways, preferably with bright, pastel colours or 3D patterns. Large spaces give much freedom in choosing decorative motifs, so in this case, a wall mural for a hallway can be in bolder colours. No matter the size of your hallway - in bimago, you will find the perfect wall mural!

Wall mural in a hallway

A hallway, although it's an important space in a house, it's often omitted when designing the entire place. This place is typically narrow and badly lighted. If we want to change something in its design, we need to use some tricks to make the interior enrapture with its look. An entryway wall mural can help us give the space an interesting metamorphosis. If we want to lighten our hallway, entryway or hall, or introduce marvellous colours to them, it's good to look for an original pattern of a wall mural. Discover our collection of hallway wall murals that will be a perfect solution for your flat.

Wall mural for a hallway - how to arrange the place fashionably?

An entryway and hallway are the interiors that represent the whole flat. It's the place where we welcome guests, so it's important to plan the design accordingly. Here are a few tips on how to use a wall mural for a living room to create a perfect design:

A small hallway shouldn't be overwhelmed with too intensive colours and patterns. It's good to choose a wall mural in bright, pastel shades with a minimalistic graphic. Geometrical designs on wall murals or abstract patterns are perfect solutions for this interior. Such patterns can also work well as a decoration of a utility room.

If we have a narrow and long hall, we can enrich this space with a vertical wall mural on some parts of the wall. A wall mural that visually expands the space includes bright colours, is modern and allows getting interesting effects.

Warm colours on a wall mural hallway will make the space seem cosier. If we care about creating a design in the glamour style, we can select a golden, elegant shade of wall decoration. Such a decoration will enliven the space with metallic colours.

Green definitely enlivens the space, and hallways and halls unfortunately often lack daylight, and as a result, plants. However, we can choose amazing hallway wall murals with nature, forests and beautiful landscapes. Such patterns will certainly make the right first impression.

Wall mural with vertical patterns - stripes or decorations that depict trees will optically extend the interior. If we care about such an effect in our hallway, it's good to pick a wall mural with such a pattern.

3D wall murals - patterns dedicated to a hallway

Unfortunately, a hallway, entryway, or hall frequently has non-typical dimensions, they are narrow, with niches and in unusual shapes. Such interiors are a true challenge when arranging a given space. Luckily, with a 3D wall mural, we can optically expand the space and brighten it up with light colours. A three-dimensional pattern catches the eye and changes the optics in our space. Among the 3D wall murals dedicated to the hallways, you can find incredible landscapes, historic architecture, town streets, architectural motifs and abstract collages. Such a decoration will help you create an original and intriguing interior design.

Wall murals for a living room with the 3D effect can also be placed on doors or wardrobe fronts. Such a solution is especially recommended when our doors are damaged and need to be refreshed. With a wall mural for a door, we will change their appearance and modernize the look of the whole space. 3D wall murals for doors can depict tunnels, passes and streets that will look marvellous in such a spot. In these places, we especially recommend using a self-adhesive mural that only needs to be stuck to a given surface.

Murals for hallway doors

Murals for doors are modern solutions that allow for refreshing the appearance of the door in a low-cost way. With the unusual patterns, we can create a fairytale scenery that will enrich the space interestingly. If the wardrobe doors in a hallway are flat surfaces, we can install a self-adhesive wall mural there. Such a decoration will help hide a clunky piece of furniture and change its appearance. A wall mural on the wardrobe doors can be characterized by sharp colours, geometrical motifs and elegant patterns. In this way, we will create a coherent and stylish design in the hallway. We have full discretion when choosing the decorative motifs of an entryway wall mural, so we can pick our favourite pattern for this space.

Elegant wall mural - a hallway in a contemporary style

A hallway is often connected to a living room. It's good to plan the design of this space to make it stylistically coherent with a living room. A wall mural in the same colour palette will perfectly refer to and link two interiors with the same style. If our entryway is not too big, a wall mural in brighter colours will not overwhelm the space and diversify our interiors. The right wall mural for hallway will help us coherently refer to the style of the whole flat, here are a few suggestions for wall decorations in the given styles:

If you have a Scandinavian arrangement, it's good to select a wall decoration in grey tones that will perfectly fit into a hallway. In our offer, you can find wall murals with minimalistic motifs, as well as photos of nature.

For interiors in the glamour style, a perfect option will be a wall mural with golden touches. Such a decoration will certainly give the space an elegant and representative character.

The rustic style invited nature inside: wooden floors and furniture, stone decorations and Earth tones help create a truly stylish arrangement. Hallway mural ideas with this motif will perfectly refer to the rustic vibe in the flat. With such a decoration, you will feel like in a country house.

If we want our flat to stand out with timeless, classic elegance, it's good to choose a New York style. Precious fabrics and colours will help create a comfortable and cosy space. A great complement to such a design will be a hallway wall mural in the marble shade, which will perfectly fit other accessories in the flat.

Self-adhesive wall murals are recommended when you install them on “difficult surfaces”, such as narrow places, slants or staircases, which are typical in hallways. It's good to remember that every pattern in our store is available in the self-adhesive version. See the hallway mural ideas from the bimago collection, which will successfully change your interior.