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Want to create an interior full of expression? Use wallpapers with inscriptions! In bimago, we offer unusual wall decorations such as fashionable wallpaper inscriptions, allowing you to easily beautify your living room, dining room, bedroom, office or hallway. The wallpaper with lettering will suit modern interiors based on minimalism and more classic arrangements! A Banksy-inspired motif, a wallpaper with doggies or an elegant wallpaper of letters and motivational quotes - which wall decoration idea appeals to you the most? Find out for yourself!

Aesthetic wallpaper text

An aesthetic wallpaper text is all it takes to transform a plain room into a one-of-a-kind interior where you can celebrate every moment spent there. With a few words placed on the wall your personal space will become truly personal. With bimago's rich text wallpaper collection you will quickly and easily pick the perfect one for your own living quarters. Make it simple, pop a stylish „home” text above your living room sofa. It does make all the difference, when you come home from a long day at work. Surround the text with a background of your choosing, be it a quilted structure, a vivid, colourful pattern or a totally abstract, intriguing motif, the choice is yours! It takes just a few clicks. Choose, order and in a few days’ time your mundane wall will greet you with an awesome text wallpaper!

Japanese text wallpaper

Our modern culture often draws inspiration from the age-old Asian lifestyle filled with quotes and clippings from their own, wise mentors. With handwriting and its own, unique characters which can mean more than a whole sentence written in the Arabic alphabet, the Chinese alphabet is a source of inspiration for countless designers throughout the world. With a wall filled with these gorgeous, detailed signatures you will bring an unparalleled feeling of peace and balance to the room. On the other hand, put a single quote taken from Buddha himself or one of his followers and you can change the climate of the room completely. Give your visitors a reason to think. What might these few signs say? Does it say „Love”? Does it say „Welcome”? Or does it say „Home” in Chinese? You are the decision maker here. One thing is for sure, with bimago's Japanese text wallpaper your home will never be the same.