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Do you prefer delicate patterns and muted colours in your interior design? If so, check out the collection of minimalist room dividers from bimago, designed based on the latest trends! You are sure to find a solution to suit your space in the rich palette of motifs. The minimalist screen from bimago combines the solidity of artistry, functionality and unique design! We offer, among others, intriguing abstractions, subtle mountain landscapes, stone imitations, and mosaics with floral and geometric elements. Find your new favourite room dividers with bimago!

Minimalist Partition Design

A room divider is a functional element of decoration that can not only be used to enliven any room but also to separate different spaces. It's an especially useful solution in small flats, where having any private space dedicated to relaxation or work is invaluable. You can use such a screen to separate two spots without creating a feeling that the place got smaller and cramped. However, if you want this element of decoration to be as plain and simple as possible, you can choose a minimal room divider from our bimago collection. Delicate colour palettes, simple patterns and minimalistic design make our screens a perfect addition to any room in any style. They will fulfil their role as foldable dividers to separate spaces and at the same time, they will not overwhelm the whole design of your interior. Check out our collection and pick a minimalist partition design that suits your personal style and the interior of your home.

Minimalist Wall Divider

A room divider is a great solution for any space in your house. It can be used in a living room, bedroom, office, or even a bathroom or walk-in closet. It's a decoration that can be used to create a feeling of privacy when you want to change. It can also serve as a partition screen in your children's room to create separate spaces for your kids to learn in silence. A minimal room divider is a great option because one screen can be used in many rooms. Its simple design makes it an ideal decoration in elegant interiors, boho or Scandinavian design or even romantic spaces. Pick a minimal partition in any shade you want, as our collection is rich in different products in various types and sizes. You can have a minimalist wall divider consisting of three or five elements. All room dividers are easily foldable, so once you need a bigger space, you can hide them or put them against the wall and make a stunning standing decoration out of them.