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Decorative curtains are not only the visual setting of a window or balcony door but also an aesthetic accent that sets the tone for the entire interior! When choosing curtains, follow the colour scheme. In a minimalist, monochromatic living room, curtains should harmonise with the colours of the walls or sofas. In a more eclectic interior, you can play with the colour of the curtains from the bimago collection more freely! It is also a good idea to match the curtains with tablecloths, runners or cushions to create coherent space.


In the bimago store, you can buy new, elegant curtains for your living room. If you explore our collection, you will see that we have a wide variety of interesting designs. In our assortment, you will find not only classic floral motifs but also curtains with geometric or modern patterns or bright shades, like yellow curtains. We strive to make our offerings as diverse as possible. We do this so that your living room curtains meet all expectations. They are made from durable fabric that is resistant to tearing and other damage. Additionally, each curtain from bimago has a sewn-in gathering tape. Thanks to this solution, it hangs beautifully, ensuring a great effect. Remember that our suggestions work perfectly as bedroom curtains as well. With their help, you can create a cosy and intimate atmosphere.

Curtains for the Living Room

Which curtains are you choosing? We have so many products that you will surely find something that matches your interior design. The bimago window curtains have several advantages that you need to know about. They dazzle with trendy patterns and vibrant colours or muted shapes, like grey curtains, and they are made with attention to every detail and dries quickly. We offer semi-darkening curtains, which means they block the flow of light into the room. So, you can be sure that street lights, for example, won't bother you in the evening or early morning. The curtains for the living room and bedroom do not require ironing. You don't waste precious time preparing them for hanging. The saved moment can be used for relaxation or a conversation with loved ones. Are you wondering what colours we have in stock? In our store, you can order grey curtains, as well as more vibrant shades. You will surely be able to match the product to your preferences and taste. Don't wait, choose green curtains with flowers or another trendy pattern, and refresh your interior decor.

Floral Curtains

We already know that curtains are an almost obligatory element of every interior. Among the most popular and timeless designs are boho floral curtains. Their versatile character allows for use in many arrangements, from elegant and luxurious glamour green curtains to a cosy Provencal style. At bimago, you can find an incredibly rich range of products, such as semi-darkening floral curtains in various colours, which can easily be matched to most rooms.
The refined glamour style can be enhanced by floral curtains in a brown and black colour palette or sage green curtains. The combination of nature with elegant and luxurious colours creates an incredibly charming effect that will surely appeal to the residents. Individuals who want to emphasize the romantic and light character of their space can decide on living room curtains with floral motifs in pastel colours. Particularly striking, especially in minimalist and modern interiors, will be curtains with flower patterns or navy blue curtains combined with green leaf elements.

Semi-Darkening Curtains

Curtains for the living room or bedroom serve two important functions in a room – they darken it and enhance its character. The degree of sunlight penetration depends on various factors, with the most essential being the type of fabric and colour. To ensure that curtains fulfil their practical function as effectively as possible, it is good to pick darker motifs, such as navy blue curtains, which can be found in our assortment. Botanical or monstera patterns are incredibly eye-catching and work well not only in urban jungle arrangements. They will also beautifully accentuate spaces designed in styles such as boho, art deco, and even glamour. Dark-coloured purple curtains and botanical patterns will bring a unique atmosphere to the interiors and perfectly highlight their individual character. It's worth adding botanical posters or landscape paintings to the curtains to achieve a cohesive arrangement in the room. Semi-darkening green curtains are particularly suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, and guest rooms. We invite you to explore our collection!