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Lofts do not have to be austere and uncomfortable. You can create a cosy space with industrial-style textiles. Our collection includes cushions, blackout curtains and tablecloths made from tactile materials. The industrial style textiles are in muted colours, dominated by black, brown and grey shades. Look at our products and enjoy the rich textures, patterns and colours!

Industrial curtains

Industrial style evokes a distinctive design, based on a robust simplicity and grunge charm. It is characterised by raw materials, exposed brick and steel accessories. The best way to enhance the beauty and essentiality of the rough loft surfaces is to warm them up with the industrial style curtains. Once your windows are dressed up, it’s time to put the finishing touches to other elements of your interior design. The industrial style pillows are the fastest and economical method to add charm and a cosy feel to your home. Go for velour, a naturally soft and durable material, that will look amazing contrasted with industrial curtains and other loft-style accessories. Industrial cushions are suitable to embellish a sofa or an armchair, and they are perfect to make your moments of relax much more enjoyable! Our loft style curtains as well as industrial cushions come with top quality materials and impressive design that will definitely contribute to a better aesthetic appeal of your home.

Loft style curtains

If you chose the industrial curtains as your window decoration, it is important to add some more accessories to create a cohesive look in your interior – you need elements that will tie everything together by complementing each other. The simplest way to make your space look consistent is by choosing one or two colours that will dominate the room, and then match the industrial cushions with the loft style curtains! As a result, all the elements will smoothly blend together to create a very unified look of your space. Industrial style cushions are not only a fashionable addition to the living room or bedroom, but also functional decorations for the children's room. They are also a great house-warming gift idea for your loved ones. Discover the decorative potential of industrial style curtains and industrial style pillows, choose your favourite pattern or colour and create a timeless design in your home!