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Waterproof wallpapers from the bimago collection are a great way to beautify your interior design. They are especially suitable for challenging environments, such as those that are highly humid, and for rooms that are particularly exposed to various types of dirt, pollen, or dust. You can easily remove any stains from the waterproof wallpaper by wiping its surface with a damp cloth. In the bimago collection you will find wall decorations up to date with trends, diversified in terms of pattern, texture and colour. Check out our waterproof wallpapers and create your dream kitchen, bathroom, or living room decoration today!

Washable wallpapers

Are you looking for a way to decorate walls that are exposed to various types of dirt and splashes ? Don't miss the collection of waterproof wallpapers that will help you decorate a kitchen, a bathroom, or other interiors where the conditions are difficult. These wallpapers are covered with special coatings that protect them againts water, steam and grease.They are resistant to washing and scrubbing, which means they will retain their aesthetic values for longer.
Washable wallpapers are an attractive alternative for wall tiles. In our collection of washable wallpapers you will find decorations that you can put in any kind of interior arrangement. They will perfectly fit a children room because you will be able to remove dirt and drawings easily. They are not only suitable for residential interiors, but also for staircases, shops, and other public facilities.

Washable kitchen wallpapers

If you are looking for wall decorations for the kitchen that can be exposed to stains from sauces and other soiling from preparing meals, washable kitchen wallpapers will certainly meet your expectations. Just like other wallpapers offered in bimago, they are available in a variety of patterns and colours. You will certainly find a motif that suits your particular room. In a modern interior you can use a trendy one colour washable wallpaper for the kitchen. If you're looking for a decoration for a room in glamour style, consider a washable kitchen wallpapers that imitate marble or decorations with elegant geometric motifs. For a small kitchen, we suggest using 3D washable kitchen wallpaper. This will not only make it look better, but also make it seem bigger. A good idea is to put wallpaper on the wall between the worktop and the wall cabinets as an extra decoration.

Waterproof bathroom wallpaper

Washable wallpaper for bathrooms is an interesting solution for people who are looking for an effective and inexpensive way to transform a room or mask interior deficiencies. One significant advantage of such decorations is their resistance to steam or soap residue. This makes it possible to put waterproof bathroom wallpaper on the wall near the shower or bathtub. If you happen to get the wallpaper dirty, you can easily wash it with clean water and a sponge. Wallpapers from our collection can be an alternative to tiles - its installation is simpler and avoids the fuss and mess of cutting tiles or preparing the mortar. Waterproof wallpaper with a unique design will make your bathroom look amazing. Floral motifs, including exotic flowers, and imitations of natural materials - wood, stone or brick - will work perfectly in the bathroom. A good solution is to place the wallpaper on just one selected wall - this way you avoid overwhelming the interior.

Washable hallway wallpaper

Washable wallpapers is also recommended for the hallway. These decorations will not absorb dirt from mud, to which this space is often exposed, especially in autumn and winter. In a small hallway, wallpaper will work well to make the interior look bigger. 3D wallpaper is a good choice, as it is wallpaper with horizontal or vertical stripes. Vertical stripes make your room look taller, while horizontal stripes make the inside look bigger. You can also choose an original geometric composition. This washable hallway wallpaper is sure to catch the eye of your guests and help you make a good impression. Take a look at our collection of waterproof wallpaper!