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MIAMI VIBEArt Collection


Imagine a place where summer never ends, where people enjoy carefree life and live to the fullest, colours are vivid, and the ocean water is always warm. Are we in a paradise? No, it's Miami! Discover the unique atmosphere of a city where the tropical climate meets the Latin temperament and the American dream. Be inspired by the latest Miami Vibes collection and immerse yourself in shades of pink, turquoise and yellow!

Miami Vibe

Miami VibesThe new bimago collection

Regardless of your location and the weather outside your window, you can create a carefree summer atmosphere straight from Miami Beach in your own four walls! The first and most essential component is a shirt in a tropical print, so put it on, and now you are ready to choose the right decorations. Miami Beach-style arrangements go perfectly with canvas prints and posters in turquoise hues and emphasise the coastal character of the interior. If you crave an interior with flair and you are not afraid of audacious solutions, go for posters in shades of pink. You can also opt for 80s designs such as posters and canvas prints in retro style. Neon lights and art déco wallpaper will be a perfect match and a powerful accent to the Miami interior, or as the Americans call it - eye candy. Discover the latest collection from bimago and add a hint of sweetness to your interior.

Tropical metropolisSummer, neons, shades of pink and...

Beach, sun, ocean, but what is missing? Right, the Art Déco architecture! Miami has almost the most of them in the world - over 800 historic buildings! Fans of the famous 1980s TV series set in the city will recognise many of them. Once infamous, it is now a favourite holiday destination for celebrities and anyone looking for a carefree, summery atmosphere and tasteful design, of course! Are you bored of aloof minimalism? This place is full of inspiration for sunny interiors, and it will quickly show you the true meaning of carpe diem: long walks on the beach, sipping fruity drinks and exploring even more shades of pink. After all, colours are the fibre of this city - incorporate them into your décor and seize the day!