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Let the stylish decoration welcome your guests on the threshold of your house! The posters from bimago will enliven every hallway and introduce design and chic to it. Even in the case of a hall, the posters for a wall can become a perfect decoration. Such a decoration will adorn and, at the same time, will not dominate the whole design. Check the gallery of the thoroughly selected posters in frames and with a passe-partout, and choose your dream pattern! A poster for a hallway and posters for halls will suit every style!

Hallway posters

The hallway is the etiquette of our home - it is here that we welcome guests on whom we can make an excellent first impression. Unfortunately, the arrangement of this interior could be more varied and more considered. As a result, hallways often become ordinary, passable interiors. How can this be changed? Even with small measures, you can completely change the room's atmosphere. Hallway posters are the ideal decoration to decorate, brighten and beautify. Look at our dedicated hallway and corridor posters to give your interiors a chance to shine.


Hallway poster in gold frame or silver, black, or white

Depending on the style of our flat, the hallway should harmoniously relate to the arrangement in the other rooms. Posters in our hallway will allow us to make a simple and quick change, thus achieving a unique and individual character in the interior. In a hallway decorated in an eclectic style, we often have elements that work well together despite their different colours and styles. The theme is usually not prominent, so it is worth betting on posters with an original design. Dedicated designs for corridors and hallways are decorations in bright colours, which will brighten up the room. There is no shortage of chic and elegant in glamour and New York style. Hallway decorations with posters in silver or gold frames can complement luxurious flat interiors. In this way, they will harmoniously match the décor and brighten up any interior with their brilliance. It all depends on the layout of the space and the lighting. Although light colours will be safer in a small room, dark colours in a hallway can also be a successful choice. Graphite poster colours can undoubtedly create a stylish arrangement for hallways and corridors. However, it is worth remembering that it should be followed by appropriate lighting and elements that brighten the interior, such as a wooden floor. Such an arrangement will give our hallway an unusual, avant-garde style.

Modern hallway posters

Scandinavian and minimalist styles are bright, well-lit interiors directly dedicated to hallways. With original posters in the hallway and lobby, it is easy to break up the uniform colour scheme in the interior and add decoration in a minimalist, modern style. Those lucky enough to own a flat in townhouses and lofts can create unique, original arrangements in their interiors. High rooms, exposed fixtures and brick walls hide enormous decorative potential. Posters and other wall decorations will break up the austerity of the interiors and make them cosier. Opt for minimalist graphics, which work well in industrial settings. A poster at the entrance to a hallway or lobby is sure to make an excellent first impression. Modern boho is a style that works well in both modern buildings and old buildings. Small accents in distinctive colours and ethnic styles can enchant an interior. Posters for the hallway in this style will be the perfect way to introduce an ethnic boho style to our flat. Such decoration will look great, surrounded by lush vegetation, macramé and other ornaments.