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Are you looking for a practical accessory that will help you quickly divide rooms into different spaces and, at the same time, will be a spectacular decoration on a room? Five-part room dividers from bimago will certainly meet your expectations! We suggest a five-part room divider with the floral motif, landscapes and oriental motifs, among others. Decorative five-part room dividers can be used not only in the residential spaces, but also in offices, service premises and beauty salons.

5 panel divider

Bimago's 5 panel room divider is the answer for the growing need for privacy in our living quarters. The 5 panel divider is a versatile feature that allows you to screen of a noticeable part of the interior. By doing so you create a whole new space perfect for a coffee table or work space. Nowadays more and more people work from home and that makes a room divider a crucial part of many modern homes. Thanks to its horizontal design a 5 panel room divider screen is a perfect medium for stylish panoramas depicting virtually anything from urban city lines to mesmerizing sunsets. With our 5 panel dividers you can do a bit of interior design freestyle by choosing a different divider for each day depending on your mood. Putting a 5 panel divider in place is as easy as folding it back and takes about a minute of your precious time. So the question arises – why not? Just pick a couple dividers from our vast collection and enjoy your work days a bit more than others! With such a sizeable image you can impact the room atmosphere in a unique way. Abstract, vivid images will be perfect for modern interior design whereas toned, pastel themes will nicely match a bedroom or a scandinavian interior design. And those are only two suggestions, when you consider the endless choice of motifs at our website you will more than surely find the perfect one for your own living space. Another application for a 5 panel room divider is your bedroom. When you share the bedroom with your little loved one a room divider is the perfect means of ensuring a good night's sleep for you as well as your kids. At every step of the manufacturing process we make sure that our products meet the highest standards. The canvas and wood used are thoroughly inspected by our experienced workers so that you get only the finest.