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Large self-assembly prints in XXL format are a real revolution in modern interior decoration! Light and stable construction, exceptionally large XXL print sizes and an innovative way of self-assembly of the prints make this solution so unique, as well as surprisingly functional and effective! Large prints from bimago are offered in several sizes - up to 270 cm wide. XXL prints are great as a strong decorative accent in loft-style apartments or interiors with high ceilings (e.g. in tenement houses).

Extra large canvas wall art

If you you aim is to have a spectacular decoration of the interior, this XXL image characterized by a large size, amazing colours and a distinct pattern printed on canvas will certainly be your feature. It will make the arrangement of your living room, office, bedroom or hall gain a unique decoration. In the bimago gallery, lovers of modern abstractions, city panoramas as well as classic reproductions, still life and landscapes will surely find large canvas prints with their favorite motif. Thanks to the large images, you can create an amazing interior arrangement that will give it an original character.
Our gallery consists of paintings on canvas in large dimensions, the largest of them is 170 by 85 cm. To ensure safe transport, the image is composed of several parts and is assembled by the customer himself.The delivered product consists of

  • The base, which is properly prepared plastic elements that make up the canvas.
  • Cloths with a printed decorative pattern, to be put on the board.
  • A manual shows how to assemble all parts that make up the large image step by step.
The self-assembly model of delivery allows for safe and affordable transport. Thanks to this, customers can order a large canvas wall art without incurring excessive costs. A rich selection of designs will make those of you who are looking for large wall decorations sure to find the perfect picture in a larger size.

Extra large canvas prints

Large canvas pictures are not a decoration for every apartment. Such a feature is extremely impressive, but it can overwhelm the interior with its size. When deciding on a extra large wall art , it is wise to minimize some other feature like accessories or colours in the interior. Thanks to this, the large wall canvas will be the dominant decorative motif and in the same time it will not overwhelm the interior with its size. Living room, office, bedroom or hall - a large size canvas print will be suitable for almost any room.

  • In the living room, a suitable place will be an empty wall, e.g. above the sofa. Thanks to this the large canvas art will be well exposed.
  • If we have a dining room connected to the living room, then on one of the walls adjacent to the dining table you can put a large picture on the entire wall. This will enhance the space and emphasize its functional division.
  • The best place for installing a large artwork in an office is the conference room. Such rooms are usually narrow and long - big wall art will fill the empty space, effectively decorating the whole
  • In the halls and corridors, we often have a lot of open space on the walls - it is worth using this place for a large picture that will change the character of the interior and allow a positive, first impression.
  • A large picture would look great in the bedroom above the bed, - such a decoration will be a symbolic addition at the head of the bed.

    Large canvas paintings for the living room

    The living room is a perfect place for a very large picture. Usually it is the biggest room itself, so we have a sufficient large space to place the large decor feature on the entire wall.
    If we want to diversify the interior with an original decoration, we can go for a picture printed on canvas in bright rcolours. Such decoration will undoubtedly become the dominant theme in the interior. We can focus on harmonious colour matching or bold, contrasting combinations of colours in our interior. In our selection of large canvas pictures for living room we do not only have a huge variety of colors, but also themes. In bimago, large wall paintings include wonderful landscapes, world heritage landmarks from around the world, panoramas of the most beautiful metropolies and abstract designs in original colours. A large picture for the living room in your favorite theme will be a great peace of modern and original interior design.       

    Large picture for the bedroom

    The bedroom is often connected to the wardrobe. For this reason, the space for interior decoration is limited. Minimalism in the amount of additions will positively affect both the appearance of the interior and our well-being. Big canvas prints on the bedroom wall is extremely effective, it can be easily the sole decorative and colour accent in the interior. An elegant pattern in muted colors will complete the interior design in any style. A picture printed on canvas in a large size can be hung, e.g. over the headboard of the bed, thanks to which we can highlight the central point in the room.
    We invite you to take a look at the new selection of large folded paintings - wall decorations for people looking for original solutions in arranging their apartment or office.