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Are you looking for an accessory that will allow you to separate space in your room and, at the same time, enhance the visual value of the interior? Take advantage of the collection of art deco screens from bimago! Art deco screens are original accessories consisting of 3 or 5 parts, distinguished by their solidity, artistry precision, and timeless design. We offer multi-coloured screens and models maintained in black, grey or green shades. You can use the art deco screen in your home space and the office or spa! Divde your space with bimago!

Art Deco Screen

Some elements in your house do not have to be either decorative or practical, as they can combine these two functions instead. Room dividers are the perfect example of such a solution. The ones you can find in the bimago collection can help you separate the spaces the way you want and decorate the interior at the same time. Among the most beautiful and ornamental products in our store, you will find an art deco room divider for every room in your house. Geometrical forms and inspirations drawn from luxury, elegance and the modern world can now adorn your living room, bedroom, hall, office or any other interior. Decorations and beautiful paintings do not have to hang on walls any more, they can become an integral part of the design in the form of art deco screen divider. They will certainly catch the eye of every guest but, at the same time, fit in the style of your house. See the inspiring and marvellous designs we have in our collection and choose something suitable for your interiors.

Art Deco Dressing Screen

Room dividers are getting back as an interior design trend after many years of absence. Once, they were an essential element of a room's decor that had many practical functions. These days, there are used both as decorations and elements separating interiors and spaces. You can use it in your living room to divide the interior into relaxing and working areas. Our art deco room divider can stay in place all day round, as it can become an integral part of the room's decor. However, there are many more ways to use one of our screens. An art deco dressing screen will be a perfect accessory for a stylish bathroom or a glamorous bedroom. You can use it to separate a space where you can comfortably change and keep your clothes. Pick an art deco folding screen to create a place where you feel most confident and relaxed. Don't wait, check the whole bimago collection and decide on a room divider in art deco style for your interior.