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Room Divider Pale Palms [Room Dividers]
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Room dividers are making a comeback in modern interiors, continuing a beautiful tradition from the 1930s, when they were an essential piece of furniture in every modern home! Bimago offers stylish room dividers so you can organise the functional space of your chosen room in the best style. The stylish bimago room dividers consist of a sturdy wooden frame, a printable canvas and metal hinges that allow you to fold and spread the divider anytime and anywhere.

Our collection provides you with numerous styles of room dividers. Regardless if you enjoy a modern, minimalistic style of interior design or an old-school vintage space, we have the ideal room divider for you. Building a wall to separate a piece of your living quarters has never been so easy. The ease of installation is one thing and the other one is the aesthetic impact that a room divider can have on a space.

Ranging from delicate, abstract graphics to vivid, colourful floral themes, bimago's choice of dividers will provide you with the perfect image for your interior. It is not obvious at first glance, but such decorations are art just as well as a canvas placed on your wall. On our website you can even find room dividers depicting sport motifs – for your little one or for a commercial space like a pub, where you can for example screen of a space where the lads are watching a soccer match on tv.