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30x40 Poster frame




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Looking for wall decorations which will complement your interior design but will not overwhelm it? 30x40 poster frame from bimago is a universal choice because of the size - big enough to attract the eye and small enough not to dominate the space. 30x40 poster frame is a wide range of motifs and colour combinations, which offers a huge room for experimentation. This type of decoration is also a great material to create a wall gallery - 30x40 poster frame will create compositions full of fantasy and artistic flair!

30 x 40 cm posters with frame

A 30 x 40 poster from bimago's collection is all you need to transform an interior from a boring, mundane space to a modern room full of positive energy! Their size makes them the most universal wall decor out there. Not too big, a 30 by 40 poster frame decorates without overwhelming an interior. Not too small, a 30 x 40 poster frame catches the eye each and every time. A single poster will be perfect for living rooms, kitchens and offices whereas a set of a couple of our posters is an awesome idea when designing commercial spaces like restaurants or bars. 30 x 40 posters are ideal for hairdressers’ salons as they can display the many options that your haircut enjoy. Beauty salons are also a great place for a poster 40 x 30 as it can clearly show the details of nail painting and makeup.

Posters 30x40cm

Offices are another place where a 30 40 poster frame will beautifully change the atmosphere of the work space. Dull, greyish work spaces are common these days. Just pop a contrasting, black and white poster in the middle of an office wall and watch the energy of the room change. Waiting rooms can be awfully boring. Specially for kids. So, if you own a business where the customers do have to wait for a few minutes, there's no better way than a 30 x 40 poster to bring life in the room. Just think about it. With wall decor as inexpensive as posters you can absolutely release your creativity and change your interior design in a few minutes time. Bring spring to the office space before the real thing comes and change feel of the room in the blink of an eye. Considering the huge choice of images on our website you can be absolutely sure – you will find the perfect poster for you. Vivid portraits of animals, beautiful panoramas, pop art and the most universal wall decor that quotes can provide, the choice is unparalleled.