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About us

If you joined us in 2004, when we first started working on the bimago shop, you wouldn't recognize our office. Not merely because it was located in the founder's grandmother's flat. There was no office, no production line, nothing like that. Instead, there were three young artists and a plan to fix the world… or at least to make it a little more pretty. We painted our first artworks with our own hands, hanging them on the walls to dry and organizing delivery - to the surprise of locals, who were not used to have a painting studio next door.

Surprisingly quickly the moment came when orders appeared one after the other. Production was planned for a month ahead, and painters worked hard at night, encouraged by hot pizza and jokes of the logistics department, preparing the parcels side by side. Then came time for the first printers. We were as thrilled as children on Christmas Eve, designing patterns for digital images or photographs! To find a place for the new acquisitions (the beginnings of our technological park), eight months after the business launch we moved to a new building with big potential and inspirational atmosphere. You will find us there even today - although the area of our offices and production halls has grown nearly tenfold.

photo: Down memory lane - so we started in 2004
photo: Paint shop. The work is on!
photo: Designers at work. On the office walls - Bimago wallpapers :)
photo: Bimago Technology park.

We were international as a team, since the very beginning. Thanks to this, our perspective has never been limited to just one country. We thought wider! In the beginning, most of the products were destined to find their place in the homes of our German neighbours. Today, bimago supports 9 language versions for 15 countries, and our decorations have reached a total of 52 countries around the world. Quite distant countries among them, such as Brazil or Congo. But our private record is a parcel that travelled as much as 14,000 km to make its way to our customer in Australia.

We've come a long way from a small startup studio to a global company. In 2021, the bimago team consists of as many as 336 people working in offices of a total area of over 7100 m ^ 2! We have prepared over 30,000 original designs for you, and our printers are just waiting to print a picture, wall mural, poster or painting by numbers. We hope that you will find decorations that are just right for your home space in our shop and that you will join the club of our satisfied customers!

Original patterns and techniques:

You can choose a hand-made painting, canvas print or Premium Print - a technique specifically created for Bimago with original patterns of talented designers.

A shop you can trust

Our online store is secured through SSL encryption. Return policy allows you to return the purchased goods within 30 days and the customer service will be happy to answer any of your questions.

The choice is fully yours

Different technique or bigger size? No problem - choose a picture, poster or wall mural that best suits you and your home.

Delivery to any country in the world

So far our products have been delivered to 52 countries. We will be pleased to increase this number for you - just tell us where your home is and we will deliver it to your door