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A Space Odyssey


A Space OdysseyA Space OdysseyA Space OdysseyA Space OdysseyA Space OdysseyA Space Odyssey


The universe is roughly 13.82 billion years old. Although we do not know on what day it came to be, whether it was Monday or Friday, we have a reason to celebrate! Around 9.28 billion years after it came to being, a planet was formed - according to current knowledge, the only one on which intelligent life forms exist. And although we are not sure if other life forms are hiding somewhere in space - we are confident that the bimago store with unique interior decorations exists only on Earth. For the time being, we do not plan to expand to other galaxies, so take advantage of the fact that you inhabit the Blue Planet and prepare yourself for close encounters in spacetime with the help of unique stellar landscapes from our latest collection.

Feel the force of attraction of our decorations!

Earth has a lot to offer. After all, to our current knowledge, it's the only place in the universe where such natural wonders as pizza, coffee, friends, funny cats, and online shopping exist. But the rest of the universe is worth exploring too! Our newest, out-of-this-world collection does just that by encompassing posters depicting astronauts in spacesuits on Moon conquest missions, posters with spaceships, minimalist posters with our planetary neighbours, photogenic spiral galaxies captured with a space telescope and canvas prints with massive nebulae located thousands of light years away, where new stars are born! And that's not all! Our space gear has room for plexiglass prints of restless pulsars, wallpaper with constellations, posters with the Milky Way and wall murals depicting a supernova explosion that show how beautiful the end can be. You don't have to be an expert in cosmology or understand complex equations and theories to marvel at the magnificence of the cosmos. Although we particularly recommend our decorations as the perfect gift idea for little astronauts, future space physicists and hobby astronomers.

Dreaming of outer space

Until recently, the cosmos remained an incomprehensible mystery to mankind. People of past centuries looked to the starry firmament for stories from the turbulent life of the gods. Although the first astronomers walked the ground of ancient civilisations as early as 3000 BC, it was only at the dawn of the 20th century and the development of modern technology that the secrets of space were unlocked and previously unknown worlds were revealed to us through lenses of telescopes and on computer screens in high resolution. Thanks to miraculous inventions such as the Hubble, Webb and Kepler telescopes, what was the realm of dreams in Einstein's time has become a reality for us.