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Textiles with monstera are an option for lovers of exotic plants with an unusual look. Among other things, you can opt for tablecloths with monstera to make your family gatherings more festive. There are also curtains to create an original window decoration and cushions to place on the bed in the bedroom or on the sofa in the living room. The intense green of the monstera will enliven the interior and give your home an unusual atmosphere. Textiles inspired by exotic flora can be an alternative to natural plants.

Monstera curtains

The monstera is an exciting plant characterised by its large heart-shaped leaves. This motif is enduringly popular in residential and office interior design. It inspires the creation of exciting accessories that can add variety to any room without elaborate treatments. Monstera accessories are popular with those who want to bring a touch of freshness and exoticism into their interiors without necessarily using natural plants. The monstera inspired us to create a collection of textiles with monstera. One of the proposals is monstera curtains, made from carefully selected materials. The monstera leaf curtains are diverse in colour and pattern: You will find textiles in shades of green and products in green, gold and white. Whichever motif you choose, the monstera curtain will help you create a unique design, and your living room or bedroom will undoubtedly stand out from other interiors. The monstera curtains are available in various sizes, so you can quickly adapt them to your room.

Monstera cushion

The monstera cushion is a practical accessory and a way to decorate your living room sofa or bedroom bed. It will make your interior more original and create a pleasant atmosphere. When you look at the monstera leaf cushions in our collection, you will see that this unusual plant has many faces! You can opt for a monstera leaf cushion with a pink background to liven up your interior or a monstera leaf cushion under cover of darkness to bring a touch of elegance to your room. In addition, you can choose between cushions made of microfibre and those made of velour. The monstera cushion will work well as a Christmas or birthday for your loved ones. It is sure to please a lover or lover of exotic nature. Each of our cushions is available in 2 sizes: 40x40 cm and 45x45 cm.

Monstera tablecloth

Are you looking for an original tablecloth to give a fresh touch to your interior? Do you like original and, at the same time, fashionable patterns? Opt for the monstera tablecloth! Textiles with this trend-setting motif could be included at bimago. All our tablecloths delight with original colours and refer to the spring-summer climate. They will add splendour to special occasions and everyday meals in the company of your loved ones. The monstera tablecloth will look great on any piece of furniture. In addition, it will highlight the qualities of your tableware. You can also be sure of their durability and strength by choosing monstera tablecloths. The wide selection of sizes makes it possible to match the size to your specific table.

Monstera leaf pillowcase

Pillowcases with a monstera motif are another way to embellish your interior with an original motif and give it a cosier feel. The textiles are diverse in terms of the motif, so you can choose the design that best suits your taste and fits your particular interior. By selecting a pillowcase with a monstera motif, you will see how little it takes to fill your interior with freshness and naturalness. The monstera leaf pillowcase can be an exciting addition to your bedding set. By combining different patterns, you can create a unique interior design. The pillowcase is also suitable as a decoration for the living room, dining room or children's room. Such a motif will surely attract the attention of household members and guests. All pillowcases are made of materials that are pleasant to the touch and safe for the skin. Look at our monster textiles collection and experiment with room design!