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Children's textiles are original products that will bring a smile to your child's face. The collection includes colourful cushions, backpacks and bags with motifs such as friendly cats and deer, dinosaurs, clouds, planets, stars or flowers. The accessories, made from carefully selected, toddler-safe materials, complement the rooms of smaller and larger children. Check out our suggestions and choose your favourite design from among cheerful designs!

Children's curtains

Children's textiles is a collection in which we offer modern solutions for the children's room, essential for creating a cosy arrangement, and products useful for playtime, daily walks or trips. One of our ideas is children's curtains with different patterns, which combine great practical and aesthetic qualities. Made from high-quality fabrics, they will provide the little ones with adequate protection from excessive sunlight in their room. They also guarantee comfort and a feeling of safety. When decorating a child's room, it is worth combining curtains with cushions and other accessories of a similar design, creating a coherent whole. All children's curtains and other textiles available at bimago are made of carefully selected materials and guarantee high quality. You can be sure that the children's textiles will serve your child for a long time!

Boys' curtains

Window curtains are perfect for arranging a boy's room. You can reach for curtains with a tropical forest motif, in shades of green and black, with elements in red and orange. Patterns such as rainforest flora or tigers lurking among palm trees will surely delight your child and allow you to arrange your child's room initially. The jungle-inspired curtains will enliven the space and banish boredom! They can be a good choice for interiors kept in calm colours, which lack a more intense colour accent. Boys' curtains inspired by exotic flora will bring energy and a touch of unknown nature into the interior. They will win the hearts of little travellers and stimulate their imagination, transporting them with their thoughts to faraway corners. In our collection, in addition to curtains for a boy, you will also find curtains for a girl.

Children's cushion

It's easier to imagine your little one's play and relaxation space with children's cushions with different designs. That's why you can't miss the collection of cushions with cheerful motifs that will bring a smile to your little one's face and be helpful during everyday activities. Choose between products made of velour and those made of microfibre. In either case, you can be sure of the high quality of the material. The children's cushions available in our collection are in calm, cheerful colours - shades of pink, white and blue prevail here. Such colours will promote tranquillity and a feeling of security. The motifs depicted on the cushions include friendly animals associated with cartoon characters. Playful cats, rambunctious llamas or teddy bears will delight your child and "accompany" them in their daily play. You can also opt for colourful flowers, charming clouds or space-inspired motifs for the children's cushion. The collection has plenty of solutions for girls and boys. Each baby pillow will ensure a deep and restful sleep.

Baby pillows

Baby pillows are beautiful and efficient accessories that work well not only as part of the design of your baby's room. They are also indispensable during walks, as they allow you to cushion the shocks that your baby is exposed to in the pram. At bimago, we offer cushions that are sure to win the hearts of toddlers and their parents. All our textiles are visually attractive, durable, and long-lasting. For their production, we have used entirely safe materials for toddlers. They do not irritate the skin and provide comfort during play or sleep. Baby pillows can be an idea for an original gift, for example, on the occasion of a baby shower. They can also be given to parents-to-be as a Christmas present.