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Living room divider is one of the best ideas if you are looking for a stylish accent, you want to create light, confined space or refresh a gloomy corner. Living room divider is your choice in any plan of changing your interiors! This solution is perfect for both small and large spaces, but not merely for your main room. Open-plan kitchen living room dividers will perfectly enhance your kitchen's decor, while being a portable wall between the cooking area and the dining area. Visit the bimago collection and choose your room divider.

Modern partition for living room

You have spacious, large interiors and would like to create a cosy, more private feeling? Bimago's living room partition collection is the way to go! There's no need for building walls or sliding doors! Just pick a modern partition for living room from our website and where there was one now there are two! Your living quarters will benefit two-fold. When you pop a two-sided living room partition wall from our modern partition wall designs living room series in the room you get more than a compact, private space. You can choose from the huge variety of motifs from our website to perfectly fit your room and embellish it with a trendy theme. Boho, industrial or art deco - choose your favorite style of room divider for a living room.  A simple tv room divider is ideal for a modern interior design. With a simple, modern living room screen you can build a separate, yet undetached space for your coffee table, work corner or library.


Living room room divider ideas

Asian culture has known the benefits of a living room separator for centuries. With this versatile feature an additional living space can be created in the blink of an eye! Urban imagery, panoramas, floral themes, abstract split living room ideas, motivational quotes, animals, you name it, we've got it! Brighten your living room with an inspiring sunrise living room divider wall to get that positive kick you need when you get up in the morning. Transforming a living quarter by dividing a living room into two spaces has never been so easy. Sit back, relax and choose a motif that will please your eyes whenever you take a look at it. Our living room screen dividers are made of high-quality canvas printed with durable, vivid pigment stretched on natural, wooden frames with small legs that ensure the safety of your floors and mobility. Unlike other furniture, a living room divider can be quickly and easily moved around or folded up and placed in the closet. It's as easy as 1,2,3 - order, unpack and place it in the right spot.