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There are many ways to enhance the extraordinary atmosphere of Christmas or Easter. One of them is Christmas textiles, which will help you create an exceptional home arrangement and make the moments spent with your loved ones more enjoyable. Decorative tablecloths for the Christmas table, original curtains and soft cushions are just some of our proposals. Check out our Christmas textiles and surprise your guests with an original idea for Christmas interior design! At bimago, you will indeed find a product to suit your interior.

Christmas tablecloth

Every detail determines the festive atmosphere in the home. To fully enjoy the family atmosphere, consider using Christmas textiles. An essential element of the Christmas decor is a beautifully set table where the whole family and extended relatives meet. A festive tablecloth is a must to make the moments spent eating Christmas Eve or Easter food and chatting with loved ones more enjoyable. Christmas tablecloths can be kept in intense or more subdued, classic colours, such as white. At bimago, we offer original Christmas and Easter tablecloths made of high-quality materials that guarantee excellent durability. The Christmas tablecloth will prove helpful in private homes and flats and in a hotel or guesthouse where Christmas Eve supper or Easter breakfast is organised. For a festive tablecloth, it is advisable to choose an Easter or Christmas table runner that will form a coherent whole with it. You will indeed find a design to suit your preferences in our collection.

Christmas cushions

Christmas is a time not only to get together with loved ones but also to relax. After a winter walk, making a snowman or playing in the snow, many dreams of sitting comfortably in an armchair or on the sofa. You might be tempted to use Christmas cushions with different designs to make relaxing completely comfortable. These additions will provide comfort and allow you to emphasise the magic of Christmas. At bimago, you will find Christmas cushions in various colour versions - they can be stars depicted on a red, white, green or blue background. Their universal character makes them suitable for a wide variety of arrangements. You can place them in your bedroom or living room. Every lover and lover of the festive atmosphere will surely appreciate our cushions! Reach for the textiles and surprise your loved ones with an idea of a Christmas living room or dining room! The Christmas cushions are available in 2 sizes: 40x40 cm and 45x45 cm.

Christmas curtains

It would be best not to forget the window arrangement when decorating your interior in a festive atmosphere. Christmas is an excellent time to use a more striking accent to make your room stand out. Attractive curtains can be the "dot over the i" in a Christmas living room where the family meets. And when Christmas is over, curtains can stay with you longer, making the long winter evenings, usually spent at home, more pleasant, talking to loved ones, drinking hot tea or reading. Our curtains come in a wide variety of colours. Feel free to reach for bold, intense colours that catch the eye. All of our Christmas curtains are made from carefully selected materials, guaranteeing durability and strength.

Christmas pillowcases - decoration for the living room and bedroom

Waiting for Christmas inspires various changes, also in room design. Often, even small measures have a fantastic effect. One idea to enjoy a lovely arrangement of a new look can be the use of original Christmas pillowcases. Such accessories were present in the bimago collection. Among our products, you will find both typically Christmas designs with Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, reindeer or stars, and more subdued designs with delicate winter accents - subtle snowflakes or plants covered with white down. The suitable motif will make your sofa, bed or couch more original. Immerse yourself in the richness of our Christmas textiles and see how little it takes to enjoy a cosy interior!