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William Blake




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William Blake was an English poet, painter and graphic artist of the Romantic era. Considered the greatest artist ever "produced" by Great Britain. His artistic output is extremely diverse and rich in symbols. His creativity and expressiveness have aroused controversy over the years, but today his work is appreciated all over the world. Among the paintings on canvas from bimago collection of William Blake reproductions, we can find his most important works that will add a hint of mystery and mysticism to your four walls!

Canvas Prints William Blake

Even though his surname sounds quite contemporary, William Blake is an artist born in the mid-18th century. He was a painter, graphic artist and poet – he was the precursor of Romanticism, although he was creating his works during the Enlightenment. He gained the nickname 'Mad Blake' because he often experienced religious revelations. His artistic activity is saturated with Blake’s mystic personality. He was interested in occultism, spiritualism and alchemy. At the beginning he was creating reproductions of famous paintings, and he worked as an engraver. He invented a graphic technique called 'Illuminated Printing’. He was a huge enthusiast of Michelangelo’s and Raphael’s works. We can notice the influence of these great masters in his works. The subject of Blake’s paintings are mainly religion and spirituality. He made illustrations for the Old Testament Book of Job. In his artistic message the line was more important than the colours used. Blake did not paint with oil paints. He was painting with watercolors and in tempera. He was creating monotypes as well.

Reproductions of William Blake’s Paintings

William Blake’s paintings are incredibly characteristic. They are often the combination of drawing and text in one work. Their subject and colour scheme are unsettling. For Blake, his works were basically the expression of his spiritual revelations and the philosophy that he professed. The copies of Blake’s masterpieces will definitely appeal to the enthusiasts of the style of this painter. For others, they might seem quite unavailable, but they can emphasize avant-garde interior design. They will be the perfect complement of the home art gallery, for example in the living room. Blake’s paintings are kept in bright pastel colours. They will blend well with accessories in the same shades. The reproductions of William Blake’s paintings are available in the online store Bimago.