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Room dividers are the underappreciated elements of the house decor. No matter if you need to enliven an empty corner, introduce a few pleasant patterns to the room or create a private space for you or your children, a decorative room divider is your best choice! In bimago, we have room dividers with various numbers of elements, in different sizes and styles, from traditional to contemporary. Whichever room divider you will choose, with bimago, you can freshen the arrangements, adding a bit of privacy that everyone needs!

When you decide to change the arrangement of your interior there is no easier way than with a folding room screen from bimago's collection. If you wish to create a compact private space you can choose from a wide variety of three panel dividers. Seemingly small, such a divider can do wonders. Working from home? With such a piece of interior decor you can separate that working space with ease. Moreover, with our folding room dividers you will introduce a stylish graphic to your interior. When considering larger spaces, we recommend that you pick a five-panel divider – with similar ease you can virtually make two rooms where there was only one. Seldom can you find a wall which can be moved so easily. With a five-panel divider you will build privacy regardless if you want a peaceful, little library or screen of your little one's playing space. One thing is certain – you will be surprised with how much can a simple folding privacy screen change in your living quarters.