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Do you want to reflect the atmosphere of a chalet in your home or simply warm up the interior design? Wooden boards wallpapers, wood, and wallpapers with a wooden theme are a simple and economical solution for everyone! Wallpapers with imitation of wooden boards will fit perfectly into cosy rooms decorated in a Scandinavian and Provencal style. It's an excellent option for people who care about the environment. They will please your eye on cool winter evenings spent in front of the fireplace and fit into almost any space.

Wood panel wallpaper

That smell. That feel. You simply can't describe it with mere words. Wood has a certain magic feel to it. Bimago's wood effect wallpaper collection brings together the sensations associated with wood and gives them to you in the easiest form possible. A wood panel wallpaper. With that wood panel effect wallpaper you don't have to worry about labour some installation. Panel themes are super easy to install and it takes just a few minutes. You can choose from two kinds of material our wallpapers are made of– super easy to use self-adhesive wallpapers and ones manufactured with the use of interlining technology which conceals minor wall imperfections and provides additional thermal insulation. Our website also offers all the tools that you will need to quickly, easily and smoothly install the wallpapers from our collection. And before you know it, you will be enjoying that brilliant, trendy look.

Wood look wallpaper

With all the kinds of trees out there the choice of wood available is simply vast. And so is the choice of wood wallpaper themes on our website. Just pick the one you like most. White wood wallpaper, grey wood wallpaper, green wood wallpaper, black wood wallpaper or blue wood effect wallpaper, you name it, we've got it! Now comes the important choice. Vertical or horizontal planks. When you're decorating a tiny interior, it's good to add some space and go with a horizontal wood plank wallpaper. In the blink of an eye you get more your room! For short rooms or staircases, it’s better to go with vertical plank themes to heighten the space and give it some air. But wait, there's more. The 3D wood panel effect wallpaper by bimago is an example of wall decor that upraises you from your flat straight to a cabin out in the wilderness. The pattern is so realistic it's crisp, just watch out for those splinters!