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Marble as a building and decorative material has been used for thousands of years, and yet it is still a popular choice for interior design and decoration. Marble wallpaper can make your home look more glamorous, but can be expensive and difficult to install. A similar result, but at a completely different cost, can be achieved with wallpaper. The variety of marble patterns will make each of you find the right wallpaper for your interior. Check out the bimago marble effect wallpaper ideas and refresh your home in style.

Marble effect wallpaper

Marble accessories in the interiors are a synonym of luxury, elegance and good taste. Floors, kitchen worktops and wall linings made of this noble material are therefore indispensably associated with exclusive residences and spacious apartments. If you also value the stylish look of natural stone, but are not entirely satisfied with its cool-to-touch surface, marble wallpaper will surely appeal to you. Thanks to it, the interior of your home or office will gain a completely new and unusual look. Especially when you choose a marble wallpaper in a less standard colour or visually divided into segments, resembling stone tiles, check out Marble wallpaper collection on bimago.


White marble wallpaper

Wallpaper imitating marble can have different aspects, and each of these views creates completely different arrangement possibilities. White marble is an extremely universal and timeless, making the perfect background for expressive furniture and accessories in intense colours. You can easily select other wall decorations to it, e.g. abstract paintings. This type of wall decoration will also look great in monochromatic interiors, where a light wall with dark veins will create a harmonious composition with black and white furnishings. Marble wallpaper will fit perfectly both in the bedroom, in the hall or in the office. Discover the potential of unusual wallpapers on bimago.

Black marble wallpaper

Wall wallpaper with a black marble pattern is a proposal for people who are not afraid of bold accents in their interiors. Marble wallpaper will be a perfect match for glamour or New York style interiors. A very expressive and strong pattern will certainly add expression to the room, while emphasizing its noble character. Black marble wallpaper will perfectly harmonize with chrome furniture and golden accessories, so it is worth choosing it in modern spaces. When deciding on such a lining, it is worth remembering that a dark wall can give an overwhelming impression, especially in rooms with a smaller cubature. Such wallpaper marble in the hall or corridor can be "illuminated" with a mirror and white furniture. In such interiors, it is good to use wallpaper imitating black marble on one wall, or only on a small fragment of it, and paint the rest of the surface in a lighter shade.

Grey marble wallpaper

Black and white marble are the arrangement classics, and at the same time a perfect example of the extremely wide decorative possibilities of this precious stone. However, it should not be forgotten that between these two contrasting options there is still a huge range of marble wallpapers in subdued, grey colours. When choosing wallpaper with grey marble, you can freely experiment with the style of the interior, because such lining is an excellent base for almost any arrangement: from luxurious classics, through minimalist modernity, to crazy avant-garde. An additional flavour is added by the fact that bimago offer includes marble wallpapers of many shades of grey, with more or less distinctive veins, and at the same time resembling a single stone pane or visually divided into tiles of various sizes. Thanks to this, everyone will find a marble motif on the wallpaper that perfectly matches their taste and perfectly matches the character of the interior.