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No matter if you live in a small studio or a spacious house, your interiors have two, if not three functions! They are your office, gym, bedroom and the centre of your social life - it often means that even large spaces can be narrower than ever before! Decorative room divider from bimago has become a popular way of separating spaces, which does not disturb the style of the interiors while giving a house some grandeur. Practical and aesthetic room dividers are available in different sizes, styles and types!

Room Dividers Type

On our website you will find the perfect type of room dividers for you. Bimago's collection is one of the richest out there. Single-side dividers and Japanese room dividers are two of the simplest ideas for dividing your space. Light and mobile, they are the perfect idea to create a separate space in your interior in no time at all. With two-sided room dividers you get the best of both worlds – both of your new spaces are bedecked with tasteful imagery of your choice thanks to the top-quality pictures printed on our decor. Households and commercial spaces alike will benefit from the privacy that a room divider provides. A new, fresh interior arrangement can be made surprisingly easily. Build a space for your little one to play in or screen of a kitchen – the choice of destinations for a room divider is really vast. In your business you can use dividers to create spaces for your workers without the need to put even one solid wall.