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Functionality and decoration in one? With bimago room dividers it is possible! It is a great way to divide rooms: a room divider will successfully separate a kitchen from a living room or a desk from a bed in a small studio. It will also be perfect for dressing rooms and changing rooms, beauty salons and even medical cabinets! Choose from many types of room dividers. Find an idea for decoration with bimago shop.

Wall Dividers Room

You lack room dividers ideas? We at bimago have plenty! Nowadays, open-plan apartments, where one room flows seamlessly into another, are very popular. If you are also a fan of such development of space, but at the same time you know that sometimes it is necessary to separate different parts of the room from each other, then the bimago room dividers will certainly fall to your liking. This type of room dividers screens are very functional and does not take up much space, and when unfolded it also plays a decorative role. In bimago offer you will find wall dividers of various sizes, built of 3 or 5 elements, so their size can be easily adjusted to the size of the room. Moreover, they are available in so many thematic and color variants that finding a design that is coherent with the style of your living room will be child's play. We offer room dividers for both small studios, where every additional wall takes up valuable space, and large houses, where the living room is connected with the kitchen or dining room. Check out our great and wide offer of room dividers freestanding.


Dividers Ideas

Divider screens in the living room can effectively separate the recreational space from the dining area, cover the kitchen, or hide from the eyes of guests a private part of the room. Screen and bedroom is a combination that can not fail! It is enough to find a pattern perfectly harmonizing with the whole space arrangement, and the visual effect will surely be stunning. An additional advantage of this type of solution is its decorative function, since a light, folded wall with a properly selected motif can replace an entire gallery of posters and become an important element of the entire arrangement. In modern spaces, room dividers curtains with geometric and abstract motifs will work perfectly, or decorated with a photo of a forest in the mist or a view of the world's most famous monuments. On the other hand, room dividers screens with flowers and other floral motifs will make a classic living room gain character and become even more cozy.

Room divider ideas

Room dividers are large-scale decorations, which is why they can change the arrangement of a given room. Therefore, it is worth making the screen have a unique appearance. In the bimago gallery you will find solid, wooden screens with printed patterns. Roomdividers include modern designs inspired by the latest trends. For this reason, decorative  room dividers  with industrial motif will be a perfect complement to modern, modernist or loft interiors. A large room separator will make the spacious interior more cozy. A decorative print will help diversify a modern interior.
The living room is a room where several functions are combined. A living room room divider will easily separate your home office from the lounge area. It can be used as an interesting background next to a table or sofa. An originally designed room divider will look perfect in a room, office or beauty salon. Stylish and elegant accessories are interesting decorative additions that have great potential. The wooden room divider screen has a stable structure and can serve us for a long time. We recommend combining a room divider with an original print in interiors with similar or lighter colors. Thanks to this, we will obtain a coherent arrangement in which the screen will be an original decorative accent. A high room divider can also decorate a youth or children's room. In our store you can find patterns inspired by street art and colorful flowers that will perfectly match such rooms. If our children share a room but would like to have some privacy sometimes, it is worth giving them a screen. You can then divide the room into two parts or separate the sleeping area from the desk or play area. See the collection of free standing room dividers in the bimago gallery and create an inspiring arrangement in your apartment, office or study.

Room separator

Each wooden room divider available in the assortment (with a very durable structure) will work perfectly not only at home. Increasingly, bimago products are also used in places such as cafes, restaurants, massage parlours, beauty salons or hairdressers. We have aesthetic room dividers that do not negatively affect the interior design - on the contrary, they make the rooms look much better and more fashionable. Therefore, a folding screen room divider can work great in a public place, where the way of arrangement plays an extremely important role. With its help, you can easily provide more privacy and intimacy. It is also worth buying it for the office when people working there have problems concentrating on fulfilling their duties. By placing folding screen room divider, everyone gains a bit of their own space where they can feel completely at ease and at the same time safe. Remember that thanks to such decorative elements you can easily change any interior without exception. Just place the room divider screen in the right place and see how much has changed.