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Walter Leistikow




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Are you fascinated by the works of art with the subtle landscapes created by the great masters? You cannot miss our bimago collection of reproductions of Walter Leistikow's paintings! Leistikow was a 20th-century German Impressionist painter and one of the founders of the Berlin Secession. Moody landscapes depicting the beauty of German and Scandinavian forests, lakes and fields will be perfect for interiors with a lot of light and warm colours! Due to the canvas paintings of Walter Leistikow, you will feel closer to nature and create a space ideal for relaxation.

Reproductions on canvas by Walter Leistikow

Walter Leistikow, born in 1865 in Bydgoszcz, is a German graphic artist and painter-impressionist, one of the founders of the "Berlin Secession". Although he did not come from a family with artistic traditions, and some of his teachers rejected his talent, he managed to break into the world of Berlin bohemia, achieved considerable creative success and left behind a rich painting output. The work of Walter Leistikow, as do many artists from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, belongs to the Impressionist trend, and his paintings mainly depict atmospheric, picturesque landscapes. Many of them present the surroundings of Berlin, but the trip to Northern Europe also resulted in a series of paintings with Scandinavian open airs.
The painter's works are still very popular, and many lovers of the German impression dream of the master's canvas over their own fireplace. Thanks to bimago and the prepared by us reproductions of Walter Leistikow's greatest works, such a desire can be easily accomplished. What is more, copies of the German artist's works can also be an excellent gift for friends, family or business partners.

Reproductions of paintings by Walter Leistikow

Reproductions of Walter Leistikow's paintings are an ideal proposition for all lovers of impressionistic climates. They will work perfectly in interiors decorated in warm colors, with plenty of light and free space. The master's works with equal success can be hung on the wall of a home living room or bedroom, as well as a hotel room or therapy room. Light brushstrokes, moody colors and picturesque landscapes will bring an atmosphere of peace and relaxation to each of these interiors, and they will also be a fantastic decoration of the room.