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Robert LeFevre


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Robert Lefevre was a French painter of the 18th and 19th centuries. The works of Jacques Louis David strongly influenced his art. Lefevre painted portraits and canvas paintings with religious and historical motifs. His works can be currently admired in numerous European museums - including Versailles and Louvre. If you want to surround yourself with the art of this painter without the need to leave your house, decorate your walls with the reproductions of Robert Lefevre from bimago! Canvas paintings of this author will look perfect in classical and glamour interiors.

Reproductions of the most famous works by Robert LeFevre

Robert Lefevre is one of the most interesting figures in the history of art. He lived in France between the late 18th and early 19th centuries. LeFevre's paintings touched on religious and historical themes. His paintings are similar to the antiques which inspired artists of the time. Robert LeFevre was greatly influenced by the work of Jacques-Louis David, who is one of the best-known representatives of classicism. LeFevre became famous for his exceptional portraits, which can still be seen today in major museums around the world. The famous painting depicting Napoleon captivates with its depth and mystery. The combination of the dark background with the light colours gives the face a majestic look. LeFevre's paintings attract viewers with their delicacy and peace. The silhouettes of the figures are full of class and elegance, which was a hallmark, for that era.


Robert LeFevre reproductions

Reproductions of paintings by Robert LeFevre are ideal for an interior decorated in a glamorous or classical style. The works will add a touch of class, elegance, or even sophistication. They can be hung in both the bedroom and the living room. They are also a good option for those decorating commercial spaces, such as restaurants, hotels or beauty salons. The stylish paintings will go well with dark, natural wood furniture and vintage-style accessories. They will also be a real treat for antique lovers. LeFevre reproductions are best hung on a plain wall, painted in light shades: white, grey, blue or beige. A good complement to the works of art will be a wooden, old-style gold or slightly gilded frame. Such elegant paintings should be exposed over the sofa, bed or table. An additional source of light, which will illuminate the work of art, highlighting all its qualities, will be perfect here.