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The reproductions of Pinturicchio, or Bernardino di Betto, are a great option for the enthusiasts of Renaissance painting that would like to surround themselves with art in their homes. This painter got famous for magnificent frescos - including the ones in the Sistine Chapel. Pinturicchio also has easel paintings with religious motifs and portraits in his collection. His work is full of lyricism and is distinguished by harmonious drawing and a rich colour palette. The reproductions of Pinturicchio in the form of canvas paintings will certainly add class to your interiors.

Reproductions on canvas by Pinturicchio

The Italian painter Pinturicchio, or rather Bernardino di Betto, belonged to the Umbrian school of painting and became famous primarily as the author of outstanding frescoes, including paintings decorating the famous Sistine Chapel. His skills were widely appreciated in Rome, as evidenced by the fact that Pinturicchio worked at the court of the next five popes. His greatest and most famous works include, among others, "The Journey of Moses", "The Baptism of Jesus" and "Madonna with Child and Saint. John the Baptist", which belongs to the collections of the National Museum in Warsaw. Pinturicchio's works are primarily frescoes, valued for their lyricism and subtlety, which can be admired in Italian churches, as well as paintings on religious themes, presented in excellent galleries and museums around the world. The bimago store offers high-quality reproductions of the works of the Renaissance master, available as a print on canvas or a premium print. Each version delights with its faithful reproduction of the original and the intensity of colors, but Premium Print is additionally distinguished by its three-dimensional, extremely realistic texture.


Reproductions of Pinturicchio's paintings for the wall

Reproductions of works by Pinturicchio are a real treat for lovers of art and Renaissance painting. These types of paintings on the wall of the office or living room will not only be a fantastic interior decoration, but will also add class and nobility to it. Especially when they are framed in a decorative frame in the color of old gold or hung over an elegant, richly decorated fireplace or a dresser made of exotic wood. Another interesting arrangement idea is to choose several reproductions of the painter's works in smaller formats and create a home art gallery from them. Such a collection will certainly look great on a large wall, decorated with molding or finished with elegant, dark wallpaper.