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Matthias Grünewald




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Mathis Gothard-Neithard was a German painter, architect and engineer of the 15th and 16th centuries. He got famous for magnificent altars - his most important work was the altar in the church of Isenheim. In his paintings, the artist developed the traditions of the Middle Ages, giving them a more expressive character. People in his paintings are full of suffering and pain. We suggest the reproductions of Mathis Gothard-Neithard to the enthusiasts of art! The extraordinary accessories in the form of paintings will match the vibe of a classical bedroom or eclectic living room.

Reproductions on canvas by Matthias Grünewald

Matthias Grünewald, or rather Mathis Gothard-Neithard, was a German painter, architect and engineer who lived at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries. He created religious works, including, above all, excellent altars, with the Isenheim Altarpiece at the forefront, as well as a few paintings and drawings. Although Matthiaas Grünewald's artistic career dates back to the Renaissance, the painter did not fully fit into the style typical of that period. His works are saturated with suffering, literally showing the pain and suffering of the portrayed characters - both those contemporary to the author and biblical heroes.
Matthias Grünewald's works are difficult to see in museums, because most of them are altars, which still decorate the interiors of churches. However, if you want to admire the excellent works of one of the greatest painters of the German Renaissance up close, it is a good idea to choose a reproduction from the bimago offer. In our store you will find copies of Mathis Grünewald's paintings in the form of excellent quality prints on canvas, including a premium option, delighting with its extraordinary depth and amazing three-dimensional structure.

Paintings by Matthias Grünewald for the wall

The topics covered by Matthias Grünewald make his works particularly appealing to lovers of sacred art, and they will also be most happy with such a decoration on the wall of their living room or office. However, reproductions of the master's paintings are so intriguing and timeless that they can also become an interesting accent in a more secular setting - a classic bedroom or an eclectic living room. In this last space, you can even consider creating an original gallery containing religious works from various periods, including miniatures of Matthias Grünewald's paintings.