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Jan Steen




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Jan Steen was a Dutch painter of the Baroque epoch. The artist got famous for works full of humour and satire depicting scenes of everyday life. He was also painting landscapes, portraits and religious paintings. The works of the artists are highly valued, and he himself is considered one of the best masters of the Golden Age. In bimago, we've created a collection of reproductions of Jan Steen that will certainly win the hearts of niche art lovers. The thoroughly matched canvas paintings can become a spectacular decoration of an elegant living room, office or study.

Paintings by Jan Steen

Jan Steen was an incredibly talented painter from the Netherlands. His life and work are from the 17th century, a period that falls within the Baroque era. Jan Havicksz Steen, as his full name goes, did not come from an artistic family; his father was a beer merchant. Nevertheless, he decided to pursue a career in art, with guidance from Nicolaus Knupfer and Adriaen van Ostade, both outstanding painters, and his father-in-law Jan van Goyen, a renowned landscape artist. He learned from these masters. Although initially, painting was one of his ways to pay off debts, it quickly brought him fame and recognition worldwide. Steen created nearly 800 paintings, of which about 300 have survived to this day. Selected works can be admired in museums worldwide.

Canvas Reproductions of Jan Steen's Works

Jan Steen paintings primarily depict genre scenes, portraits, and intriguing allegories. He also enjoyed creating works with mythological, historical, and religious themes. Interestingly, Steen's paintings were perceived as satirical and filled with humor. Reproductions of Jan Steen's paintings from bimago's offerings would be an excellent gift idea. They are sure to delight art enthusiasts interested in more niche forms of art. Reproductions of Jan Steen's works also come with high quality. In bimago's store, you can find both hand-painted paintings and those created using the Premium Print technique, which features a three-dimensional surface. Jan Steen paintings are an incredibly tasteful addition to the decoration of a living room or study. The muted color palette and charming genre scenes will undoubtedly promote relaxation and provide plenty of material for discussions about art. To avoid detracting attention from the details of the artwork, it's a good idea to pair them with smooth walls in subtle colors like white, gray, or beige.