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Georges de La Tour




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Georges de La Tour was a French painter of the Baroque period. He got famous mostly due to the night paintings inspired by biblical motifs, kept in a characteristic colour scheme, illuminated only by candlelight. The artist also depicted day scenes with old people and beggars. In bimago, we've created a collection of Georges de La Tour's reproductions, perfect decorations for interiors in the classical style. Canvas paintings by de La Tour will be an ideal match for dark, wooden furniture!

Reproductions of paintings by Georges de la Tour

Good art stimulates creative thinking and has a therapeutic effect. When planning the interior design, it is worth thinking about an addition that, in addition to its aesthetic function, will also have an educational role. One such example is the work of Georges de la Tour. This artist created in the 17th century, i.e. in the times when baroque reigned supreme. The themes of his paintings, in line with the then prevailing trend, revolved around the New Testament and genre scenes. In Tour's works, one can clearly see a moralizing purpose, which is related to the vision of an ideal, ordered world that is a bit more theatrical than real. The painter shows a man who is simple in nature and guided by honesty and morality. This representation of characters differs significantly from contemporary works that do not impose a specific path of interpretation on the recipient, which is why Tour's work is so fascinating and original today.

Canvas Print by Georges de la Tour for the wall of the office or living room

Tour's stylish paintings will perfectly fit a living room or an office decorated in a classic style. It is worth combining them with dark, wooden furniture with interesting decorations, reminiscent of baroque interiors. The artist's work will look best on a smooth wall painted in a uniform color. These extremely elegant canvas prints can also be combined with a completely modern interior, but this requires great sensitivity and moderation. Such a room will undoubtedly take on a unique, unrepeatable character. Regardless of the type of arrangement, a canvas print will benefit the most when hung over a desk, couch or comfortable sofa in the living room. In order to highlight all the details and draw attention to the unique colors used in the 17th century and the masterful chiaroscuro, you can use additional lighting, for example in the form of a stylish wall lamp.